Giant Toads, Microphones, LOVE and the Lost Blog

If you follow my Namaste This Blog Facebook page, you’ll know that there’s been a bit of a blog hiccup and mystery.  A complete and utter mystery that hasn’t been solved… resolved… understood… or even fully accepted.  It’s been a while since I posted a full blog, because somehow… the 2500 words that I’d been writing and editing for well over a week… simply disappeared.  In fact it’s worse than that.  I’d finished it at midnight with a satisfied sigh… thought about copying and pasting it into the webpage, ready to format in the morning… but I was so tired, I thought… “Nah… just stop now Sally and come back to it when you’re fresh.”  So I closed my laptop and quickly fell in a deep sleep.

In the morning… I had to do a quick reboot and the blog has never reappeared.  WTF?  I’d been in and out of that document so many times.  Yes, it had been titled and saved.  Nope, I don’t use the Cloud but now wish I did.  And My Gorgeous Man spent a whole day trying to find the impossible.

Namaste This being written on the roof with our stunning view...
Bragging on the Namaste This Blog Facebook page that I was about to publish…

It had quite simply… Vanished. It was Gone.  And it was Nowhere to be found.

But…. HOW????

I’ll admit that I was gutted… and it’s taken me a good week to build up the energy to start afresh.  I love writing these blogs… I really do… but I’ll openly admit that the effects of the menopause are totally dicking about with my energy levels and whereas I could go on the laptop and feel inspired and be creatively all fired up and sharing all day… and see reflexology clients… and be online for my Channelling Love clients… and live my life… I’m having to accept that I can’t do all of it, all the time, anymore.  My energy is more of a damp squib than a jet fuelled rocket.  It’s become a huge lesson of self acceptance and allowing.  I don’t actually mind about my age… to me, my age is just a number  that certainly doesn’t reflect how I feel inside… and it certainly doesn’t define me… but what my body is experiencing through this period of change… is real and tangible… and admittedly a bit of a shock.

Anyhoo… that frikking document still hasn’t been found.  So I’m letting it go… and starting anew.

So… what’s been going on in the Alpujarras recently?  Well, it’s been all about the Alpujarra!

My Gorgeous Man and I handed over our official complaints to the council against the proposed giant electricity highway and pylons through the Alpujarras,  just before the 7th March 2019 deadline… and it was like a weight was lifted off us.  If you’ve missed that story… head back to my blog ‘Say YES to the Alpujarra and No to Pylons’ as our local community discovered plans that meant that up to an 80m pylon could be built just 250m from our magical wee hoose… not on our land… but looming over us, all the same. 

There’s been an immense and still growing movement called ‘Dí No A Las Torres/ Say No to the Towers’ to protest against it in all ways that we can… and to be honest, the whole situation has been over ruling and over shadowing our life since we found out about it, a couple of months ago.

But there have been some amazing synchronicities to come out of it too… one of which, as you know, led me to creating the ‘Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth’ global healing event.  Just like our move to Spain, which spiralled through inexplicable miracles… so my local healing meditation to support the Alpujarra through love,  grew into a global healing… which took place on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

And what a build up there was to that! 

Me and Birgit Morayma Harp!
Me and Birgit Morayma Harp!

Birgit Morayma Harp, my dear friend, fellow healer and co-host of ‘Say YES,’ and I created the Facebook event… we shared it, shared it and shared it some more… we asked people who felt the call,  to also share it… I made flyers, printed them up and put them in our car and around town… which truth be told, I found hugely challenging to my unknown shy and hermit type nature.  It’s funny how I can livestream out to the world no problem… but to be seen putting up flyers in cafes and local noticeboards, really triggered my old patterns of not wanting to get in ‘trouble’ or create a scene.  This whole process has been such a personal learning curve and I’m so grateful for all the triggers, challenges and gifts that have come through it.

Share! Share! Share! And Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth!

There’ve also been some darkly amusing, and ‘non spiritual’ moments behind the scenes too.

Birgit and I had soon realised that we would need a microphone in case a whole load of people turned up.  So our next step was to find one.  “Aha!  What about Matt Blackie?  He’s an amazing sound technician, music creator, mixer, producer, techie understander and fixer and all round great guy… maybe he’ll lend us one?”

His answer was “Absolutely!”

My answer was “YAY!” 

The flow was flowing!

I was also delighted to be invited to appear on the amazing Martin McNicholl’s livestream show to talk about ‘Say YES’ and to share an impromptu healing for Gaia.  Martin has a huge worldwide following and it was great to spread awareness of what’s happening here, receive even more support for the actual healing event…. and share some fun and LOVE!

It was a couple of days later though when My ever practical Gorgeous Man burst my fragile little bubble a bit when he asked how we were going to power the microphone and amplifier.



The irony of needing electricity to run the microphone when we were effectively protesting (through LOVE) against an electricity highway, wasn’t lost on us.  And just to clarify… this highway isn’t bringing any electricity into the Alpujarras… it’s taking the power from Morocco to France.  It’s a pure money making fest for the private Spanish electricity company REE. 

Take a deep breath Sally… 
Say no more. 
And breathe again. 
Share LOVE not anger!

So, even with a microphone and amplifier, we still had to get creative.  The area down by the Rio Guadelfeo river at the Seven Eye Bridge that we’d chosen, didn’t have any nearby houses or plug in possibilities because Birgit and I had wanted to be in nature as much as possible… and yet still be easily accessible to people coming from Órgiva.

Now, because our wee hoose is off-grid and we have solar power… that also means we have a back up generator… and it’s portable… so we knew we could use that.  But the thing is, it makes a hell of a noise.  Just think of fairground rides and all those motors running in the background.  That’s what it sounds like.  So it wasn’t really supportive of a peaceful, meditative, healing event…. all the love vibes, and sounds of nature would be drowned out and nerves would most definitely be set a jangling by the rough engine noise, probably also accompanied by fumes of its fuelling petrol wafting on by.

So… what about extension cables?  How much would we need to not hear the generator?  A LOT.  We only have short domestic ones… Birgit had a 20m one and a 10m one… but who would have longer extension cables?  Why… Bernard our dear friend at The Orgiva Tea Gardens, of course!  We reached out to him and hey presto, he lent us two 50m cable drums with plugs!  YAY!

This is one of the really wonderful things we LOVE about living here.  There is a real sense of community… people help each other out!

But would 100 meters be enough?  Well, the only way was to experiment.  Once we got the cables home, we plugged them into our generator by the hoose and we started unrolling them.  Unrolling them.  And unrolling them.  Up along our track.  And up round the big corner towards what we call our giant whispering pine tree… and I finally felt the pull of it coming to its end. 

Then things just got plain weird.

I plugged my hairdryer in.  

It was the only way to test the strength of power, against the only appliance that still trips our whole solar power system.  If the generator could support running my hairdryer, then it could support the microphone that we couldn’t pick up till the day before the event.  And as MGM likes to have everything planned, aligned and sorted, it was my hairdryer that got put to work.

It was a bizarre moment when the generator was powered up… and my hairdryer roared into action, outside and half way up the mountain.  But it was also a moment of relief… because not only did it keep on blowing, but the noise of the generator was obviously somewhat dulled by going round the corner and it wasn’t too bad at all.  MGM and I confirmed the fairly positive results through WhatsApp as we couldn’t see each other round the corner and standing next to the generator he couldn’t hear a thing anyway.  We heaved another joint sigh of relief and then packed up our successful little trial.

Being the super duper tech manager and hero that My Gorgeous Man is…  more planning was still needed.  MGM wanted to see where Birgit and I had chosen to hold the healing meditation and see where he could actually park up the car with the generator… and if the 100m extension would be enough distance to not hear it in those surroundings.  So the afternoon before the event, we drove down to the river and tried out… and paced out… and did a lot of “What about this… and what about that… and what if this… and what if that…”  We eventually decided that using the actual bridge wall as a buffer would be pretty damn perfect… and so that turned into our Plan A. 

Job done.

The magical spot for Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth!
The magical spot for Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth!

It was while we were still standing on the little river island which Birgit and I had chosen as our spot for the gathering, that My Gorgeous Man started spluttering in excitement saying “Look!  Look!  LOOOOOK!!!!”  waving and pointing and gesticulating across to the other side of the river.  And as I turned round… 

The Universe sent us a sign!

Four wild boar were running along the river bank with their tails straight up in the air!  We couldn’t believe our eyes!  The only boar I’ve seen here was in the black of night when it gave me a heart attack running across the road in front of me as I drove back from dropping MGM off at Malaga airport.  You never see wild boar during the day… and as far as I know… to see four at once was even more rare.

It felt like a miracle!

When we got home, I went straight in to google the spiritual symbology of the wild boar… and I was amazed…  its primary meaning is COURAGE. 

And it couldn’t have been more apt!

I felt like the Universe was saying… “Stay strong!  Stand Strong!  Be Brave!  Keep Going!  Hold your Power Against the Pylons”… and… “You’re doing the right thing holding ‘Say YES to the Alpujarras and Mother Earth’ despite your nerves.”  I had nerves because I had been on the receiving end of some critical comments, that I’d let get under my skin the week before. 

But in that moment, I felt hugged and reassured. 


So, Saturday 2nd March,  finally dawned for ‘Say YES!’  which you may have noticed that I’ve now shortened to make my typing, and your reading, easier.  I had massive butterflies… wavering between excitement and terror which I found rather strange because I have happily channelled live and in person for an audience of over 100 people before… so why was I nervous this time?  Don’t know… so, I had to just let it be and let it go.

MGM and I went down to the river early, to make sure there were no last minute panics.  Which is just as well, because… you guessed it, there were!

First point being that an old boy had set himself up just where we were going to park the car and generator.  Plan A was binned before we even started.  So a new position in the opposite direction had to be experimented on… which meant I lost time in my energy preparation and composure building.  Then, in the laying out of the cables and stretching them over the tiny stream inlet to get to the perfect island spot that we had chosen… the cables somehow got completely and utterly tangled up.  This too is a mystery as to how that happened.  I could sense and feel the pressure rising in MGM’s veins.  And the more he tried to untangle the mess… the more tangled it got.  I had to walk away and ‘go Zen.’  Unfortunately, ‘Going Zen,’ in that moment didn’t help because I missed the cable drum slipping down the little slope and into the water.  And yes… the plugs in the drum got wet.  Panicked shouting filtered through the calming music in my headphones and I was brought into slow motion action trying to pull the drum out of the water without drowning and filling my favourite fleecy boots.  Now steam was most definitely coming out of MGM’s ears. 

“It won’t work now!!!!”  Cue rapid shaking, more shaking, hitting, rubbing it over the grass and laying the drum out with its plugs facing up to the sun to dry.  

My only response was to completely try and disengage from the whole drama and say “Well, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.  There’s nothing we can do about it.” … while inside I my stress levels were being majorly triggered.

I sent a silent, and very unspiritual prayer up to the Universe to get it sorted. 
As in NOW.

As I sent up my fervent prayer…  Birgit arrived… and we hugged and set about focusing on setting up our space and getting into the zone.

We set up my phone for the livestream… an altar for people to place their stones, flowers and objects from their homes and land… and basically handed over to the Universe.  Did we know how many people would turn up?  Not a clue!  Did we know how it would actually unfold?  No!  Did we know that following the Universal prompts to share this healing for the Alpujarras through LOVE was absolutely the right thing to do?  YES!!

And did the full length of cables work?  YES!!!  Of course they did!  And we couldn’t even hear the generator from the new, perfect spot that the Universe had pushed us into using.

You see!  The Universe always knows best! Trust!

MGM had quickly regained his composure and peace reigned… he was standing up by the small road, waiting for our signal to turn the generator on, which he would run along to further down the road, so we could turn the microphone on and start… but we were slightly delayed by a friend driving by who stopped by MGM, wound the window down for what felt like some lengthy man chats… so MGM couldn’t actually see us waving at him!  But this did create more time for more people to arrive… so everything was in complete Divine order… again!

Beautiful souls, gathering in LOVE!

Birgit made the introductions in Spanish and English and then I shared the healing in English.  We had received some criticism that I wasn’t sharing in Spanish too.  I get it, I totally get it… but while I do speak Spanish (and am fluent in Portuguese and I trained to interpreter level many years ago in French and Italian… yup, my ego just had to share that!) … I am not yet confident enough to lead a healing, without my Spanish becoming a distraction rather than enhancement.  

My heartfelt intent was that the healing, working through the energy of LOVE, would unite us and take us beyond words… and also on a more practical level, Órgiva and the Alpujarras are home to such an international community, English is already widely used. I have taken the criticism onboard and private lessons have been arranged.

I’ll let the video of ‘Say YES’ speak for itself…

We were delighted that around 35 lovely souls joined us… and through the livestream we had many more joining from their corners of the world.  The healing to raise the vibration of the Alpujarras and protect it from the lower, heavier energy around the pylons, had grown into a web of light, anchoring more love into all those different countries.  We had participants in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belguim, Fiji, Hong Kong, Spain, France and more!

The power of LOVE is magnified through unity… LOVE is the energy force that heals, clears, dissolves, unblocks, enlightens, awakens, transforms, shifts and ‘all things positive’…. and this is how we can heal, protect and help our beautiful Mother Earth against the many challenges she is facing just now.

I got some lovely messages afterwards to say how much they felt the energy and healing… and for this, we were truly touched.  What had surprised me though, was that the galactic collective that works through me, hadn’t stayed as long as normal, and I hadn’t felt them as strongly as I normally feel them.   But funnily enough, only about 10 minutes after we’d finished, a family and kids arrived to play by the river… it’s a very popular spot… rapidly followed by the local shepherd along with his flock of sheep and pack of dogs!  If this had happened during the healing, then it would have all have become very ‘interesting’ indeed!


We did nonetheless enjoy the unexpected spectacle of the wandering flock, and laughed at the randomness and unpredictable flow of life in the Alpujarra… and we gave loads of love to the giant mastiff dogs!

As a healer who works a lot with animals Birgit’s energy always calls them in!

So again… everything had been in Divine Order even if my mind had doubted! 

MGM was a whizz at tidying up while Birgit and I chatted to those that had joined us, and before we knew it, we’d packed up and driven up to what’s called ‘Bottom Camping’ and were knocking back a naughty glass of coke.  Well, I drank the coke, Birgit drank a tonic… and MGM did 2 bottles of coke… and we all dove into a ‘come down’ carb fest of a lunch, before heading our separate ways home.

WOW.  We’d done it!  

Once home, I promptly fell asleep.

The next day I was ‘duvet day’ bound… I felt wiped… and literally lounged around and indulgently watched the fifth series of Homeland.  Sir Maxelot kept me company from his bed and we justified our laziness through each other.  It was interspecies bonding at its best.

Duvet Day!
Duvet Day!

Now, our wee hoose could be described as a studio flat with a bathroom on the side… so while lying in bed, we had left the back door open, because it is literally at the bottom of the bed… and I was able to enjoy the fresh air and sun streaming in throughout the day, without even stepping outside.

But it was later that night that I got the fright of my life.  I was walking all of 2 steps to the bathroom when I saw something move out the corner of my eye… and I could hardly believe it!  It was my turn to splutter, “Look!  Look!  LOOOOOK!’   

And there in the broken bottom drawer where I keep my less used clothes, was the infamous and still, very humungous, Mr Toad.

Mr Toad!

Yup… Mr Toad must have sauntered in at some point during the day, and Sir Maxelot and I had been completely oblivious.  Mr Toad had made himself very comfortable up next to my fleecy leopard print PJs that had been on special offer in Asda before we left the UK.  They are incredibly comfy and warm and all things cozy… but I was a bit perturbed that Mr Toad had helped himself to them, I have to say.

Well, of course, we had to lovingly remove Mr Toad, without freaking him out… and do it without Sir Maxelot noticing and coming over to take an interest.  Toads can be poisonous so our hearts did beat a little bit faster during the relocation manoeuvres.   We took him, still in the broken drawer, still clinging to my PJs down to the acequia water channel which wasn’t running, but where we have seen him before… and we had to really encourage him to let go.  I actually felt for him… he’d found a pretty amazing warm spot and now he was being forced out into the cold black of night.  But… it had to be done. Such is life in the campo.

Time to Remove Mr Toad!
Time to remove Mr Toad!

Toads aside, life weirdly felt a bit ‘empty after ‘Say YES’ was over… but the truth is… it’s anything but over!  Birgit and I will continue to hold monthly healings for the Alpujarra and Mother Earth!  As far as we’re concerned, the healing has only just begun and every event we share will amplify, strengthen and anchor even more high vibrational healing, light and love into the Alpujarra and Mother Earth.  And we will continue to livestream them aswell so everyone can join us to receive healing… and participate in a global healing through LOVE.  And we’ll keep learning through it all too!  Each event will be unique and as the summer heat sets in, we’ll be moving into the shade!

Both of us feel VERY strongly that this healing must be maintained and continued.  Just because the legal deadline for written protests has passed… doesn’t mean that it’s over.  If anything, we have to energetically magnify the positive outcome even more and keep this high vibration and focus strong and clear! 

The message of COURAGE from the wild boar continues to ring through our hearts!

So we invite you to join us on Saturday 30th March 2019
12pm Spanish time
for the next

‘Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth’ healing event!

AND… as I write this… I’m very excited to say that we have invested in a portable microphone and amplifier kit… that runs from batteries… so no more cables or generators!  MGM… you’re off that tech hook!

In the meantime, this past week has still been a bit of whirlwind… while I’ve been reeling from the loss of the last blog, and moving through my menopausal meltdowns (now rebranded ‘upgrades’ to shift the struggle into empowerment!) MGM has been very busy pruning the olive trees in preparation for a good harvest in a couple of years… there’s been lots of wood chopping and stacking of our wood for burning next winter… there’s been more baked potatoes in the bonfires made out of the excess olive branches and leaves… there’s been the digging of the new trial vegetable patch… we’ve successfully filled our water deposit from the acequia water channels without the assistance of our trusted Angel Aaron… although a there was a bit of neighbourly interference with a flying plastic bottle seemingly thrown through the black of night, which shook our nerves, more than a bit… and the small 1000L water storage cube has been wrapped in black plastic to keep the back up stored water fresh and algae free.

And next week, Friday 22nd March sees the start of my Open Your Cosmic Heart Retreat with the amazingly, awesomely beautiful presence of Seanin Banrion, here in the Alpujarra.  We have women coming from the USA and the UK to join us for a long weekend of inner transformation through channelled love, light language, intuitive wisdom, great food, gorgeous surrounds and a whole lot of ‘sisterhood’.  Again… the power of LOVE heals, transforms and awakens.  Watch out for the photos… and dates for our next retreat this autumn!

Open Your Cosmic Heart Retreat with myself and Seanin Banrion

Oh and I’ve also been juicing!  Thank you to the Juice Master himself, Jason Vale for his recipes… he’s my ‘go-to’ for a healthy detox and to drop the weight from indulging in too many croissants with melted cheese at Galindo’s on the high street… and the infamous donuts at Buñuelos. The pure nutritional boost always helps bring me back into physical strength…. and now more than ever, my body needs the support through the hormonal roller coaster of slowly arriving into my ‘wise old crone’ years.  Only three days juicing works miracles… it really does!

If you’ve read this far… congratulations!  And THANK YOU!

And for now… I’m going to leave you with a great big hug and I look forward to seeing you next time round.

Hasta Luego my lovely friends!


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