Dust Trails… Time Warps… and Shaky Spiders

The last 3 days… of typical Alpujarran flow…

Monday morning starts with Sir Maxelot huffing and puffing by My Gorgeous Man’s side of the bed, in order to be let out into the cool morning air…  We drag ourselves awake… run the gauntlet of the giant shaky spiders gathering to greet us on the door mesh and outside walls… more about them another time…. and I sit on out on the terrace with him for a bit, as he’s no longer allowed there unsupervised since he threw himself off the 5ft terrace to chase after a neighbour’s dog a couple of weeks ago… nuff said… and breathe… that’s a heart stopping story for another day too. 

Apologies if you don’t care for spiders…
Just chillin’…

I couldn’t hang around for too long though, as we were looking after a friend’s dog while she was away and it was my turn to pop in and make doggie breakfast and keep her company.  So hauling myself into the Landy I drive the track that’s morphing into a dust trail as the summer sun dries out the grasses and land.  Once there, I have a bit of a ‘moment’ trying to unlock the padlocked gate before driving through the arch of giant bamboo up to the house.  I start calling ‘Good Morning’ out to the resident cat and dog and talk about what a lovely breakfast their going to have… then start desperately scrabbling in my bag for the door key.  But nope.  It’s not there.  Looking at the time, there isn’t time to drive all the way home to come all the way back and feed the pooch and encourage her to go out… and still get to yoga in time.  And I am super determined to make it to yoga after a month off, due to my grinding hip joints during this delightful stage of menopausal upgrade and hormonal imbalance… which I’m trying valiantly to send love and light to. 

My Gorgeous Man had already left home to go and do his care taking stint at the massive property down the track that he’s looking after while the official caretaker is away… but phone him I must.  Being the hero that he is, he managed not to say anything about the forgotten key, and said he would drive over when he was finished… in about an hours time.  So I apologised through the door to the cat and dog waiting inside, and said that my Hunky Handsome Hero would come and save them very soon.

I make it to yoga with time to spare… and took a seat on an iron bench under the plaza shades and orange trees and sent catch up voice messages and then was on the receiving end of my friend’s yucky weird hilarity of a being sent a dick pic…. eeeuuuuchhh.. but why… seriously?… and I, even more weirdly, I inappropriately laughed even more.  

Moving swiftly on….I make it through 90 minutes of Vinyasa flow… and love it… but my hips, not so much… so I go have a coffee to recover… so wrong and yet so right… and chill… and breathe some more… then head home in a rush because all of a sudden time has warped… and it’s now late lunch time… and precious minutes are beginning to run out… and I forget to breathe…. trailing hot billowing dust behind me up the track, I speed home to the caravan office/Goddess cave and renovation project extraordinaire and get to work…. it’s the week ahead livestream reading for my private online group, Channelling Love’s Healing Collective… and I’m still in my yoga gear and high on coffee… it’s a reading that lifts my heart and I’m loving the feel of the week already…

Live Reading for the week ahead for my online group – Channelling Love’s Healing Collective

I do an energy healing for us all to embody the highest outcome for the week… and then I have half an hour to really remember to breathe before a channelling client comes on line… and in come the high Channelling Love vibes and I’m flying without wings or local coffee… oh the sheer bliss… pure healing…and as we say our wuwu world… all in the flow of love.  But it’s not over yet as afterwards, I still have to do the personal readings for my members… and this time it’s the healing vibes that fly through the cards and have me gushing the most inappropriately unspiritual readings that make it all the more fun and real … and dare I say it… on point.  So now I’ve made it through to late afternoon… and it’s a hop, skip and a jump back into the Landy and we head up the mountain to Bayacas to our mechanic. There’s bulbs to be fitted to reignite the dashboard at night… ever so handy to see which state of automatic gear you’re in and basically everything that’s going on in the car… and I’m also having a makeover consult with said mechanics wife… you’ll get more on that inside scoop soon… but Ssshhhhh… it’s a secret for now.  

After a couple of hours… during which her mischievous young horse learnt to go up their outside steps and ended up walking around the driveway… while I sidled behind another Land Rover, remembering the time a pony practically bit me in half as a child… it was definitely time to go.

Meet Pirate and Becci

Once home… I honestly can’t remember what I did… but it must have involved a massive amount of food… and oh yes… I had to edit and upload the replay from Sunday’s Healing event in Zoom with Seanin… and then bed… almost… as I still had facebook posting to do and I’m sure I did some website stuff too… I think… maybe… or was that last night… who cares now anyway… I got it done.  

Tuesday morning was another early start thanks to Sir Maxelot… who had again… dragged My Gorgeous Man around the terraces at about 3am… much to his glee… and not MGMs… as we knew that Tuesday was going to be a ‘super special stress loaded’ morning that needed full alertness and calm… lots of calm… as we had to take the Landy for its ITV… aka, annual road worthiness test.  It’s actually a great set up… you wait for your number plate to flash up on the giant screen on a pole and then drive round the corner with your heart in your mouth… and face the tunnel of tests… emissions, indicators on, indicators off… brake… stop!… brake again… handbrake… seatbelts… wipers, washers. windscreens, doors, steering, hazards… weird crazy rollers to test brakes and suspension or something underneath… and all with you there in the car, having instructions thrown at you in Spanish on what to do.  The ‘testers’ are obviously used to non-Spanish speakers… which made us feel even more numpytish… because their pigeon English got us through the tunnel to the cliffhanger wait to get our results at the end.  And lo and behold, after much standing and foot shuffling and talking rubbish… we got our prized little windscreen sticker making us legal for another year!  

Ya F’ing Beautaaaaay! 
We passed… and it felt frikking fantastic! 

No photos though to prove the tunnel ever happened because when I tried that last time, I was unceremoniously told off and made to delete all photos in front of them.  I can’t tell you how much I wanted to sneak another photo in… just because I’d been told I couldn’t.

Jimmy our Kangoo had taken 3 attempts to pass the ITV in April… three… and taken our blood pressure and bank balance to the point of blind trust… so to celebrate this major breakthrough and miracle… we stopped off in Top Camping for a quickie breakfast and naughty treat.  Yup… coffee and ooooohhhh… tostada with tomato and melted cheese… which I love to drizzle olive oil over… my conscience says it’s to balance out the naughtiness of white bread… but the reality is it just tastes tooooo good not to. I order another coffee… but can’t drink it… just why did I think I wanted more?.. and once again a time warp wraps us up and eats half an hour… and it’s a mad dash home… more dust billowing out behind us on the track… as I have a channelling client online to meet, greet, share with, heal with and love some more.  


So coming out of the healing zone, we’re after midday and I’m feeling a bit pooped so I have a power nap… in between more facebook, more catching up… more creating… more “not quite sure what I really did but it felt busy”… but I do know that I had another client later in the afternoon and it was an absolute humdinger of a healing…. because I came back up to the house and starting stuffing rice cakes with crunchy peanut butter into my face as quickly as I could. 

Carb and sugar fix in a oner.  Damn it was good. 

I think there was a residual few handfuls of crips that also mysteriously disappeared.  Sometimes after a very strong healing, I am ravenous beyond ravenous… and it’s not from lack of food… it’s the need to replenish energetically and reground on planet earth.  Poor MGM has learnt that after a healing, I’m generally no use to anyone or anything until I fully land back… and engage brain… although some might say I’ve already lost a few marbles along the way… but that’s ok… I don’t want to be normal and all logical… life is for living wildly and freely from the heart!   

Wild and free… after dancing on the roof!

And what went down on Tuesday night?  Well, I watched the last episode of Billions… my way of manifesting spondoolies… did more of the website upgrading and rebranding for my monthly subscription that I hadn’t managed to do last month… watched some Dragon’s Den… my way of manifesting amazing opportunities… and fell into a very, very deep sleep… to be woken at 6.30am by Sir Maxelot huffing and puffing again… at the side of the bed… asking to go out again… even though my extremely distressed and grumpy MGM had taken him out at 3am… again… and 5am…. again.  Sir Maxelot now has us totally trained to let him sleep all day while hardly moving a muscle… and to go out at least twice during the night.  It’s been a couple of months now… and it’s wearing thin. Well truth be told, it’s wearing thin on MGM because he wakes up and I mostly sleep through it all… that’s the side effect of years of instant deep sleep training as air crew, sleeping in the jumbo jet bunks and knowing that if you don’t grab these minutes while you can… you’re zombified for eternity… or until the jet lag wears off… which it never really does when you’re long haul crew.   

So Wednesday morning started off with me taking Sir Maxelot around the terraces at dawn in my pjs and wellies… that’s the beauty of living out in the wilds on your own… no overlooking neighbours… and then I sat on the terrace, admiring the morning’s full moon, albeit rather bleary eyed while doing the old social media thing…

MGM had headed straight out to the massive property again to do his hunky mature pool boy, land irrigation and gorgeous gardener duties.  I had another channelling in the morning… this time a livestream out in nature for my private group… and I got all set up on a higher terrace to share the views behind me… and somewhere within the live healing, my ‘real Sally’ awareness wished I’d put the chair further along the terrace… because the sun came out from behind the tree, quicker than I anticipated and basically… I got baked alive, live, on facebook.  It’s hard to move my body when I’m channelling so I couldn’t just pick up the chair and move at that point… but as soon as it was over, I shuffled my chair, bags and laptop into the shade to do some automatic writing to share with the group… while detachedly marvelling at the song of the colourful bee eater birds.  

The beginning of the livestream ‘baking’…

It was just magical… sitting in the shade, hearing the birds… still immersed in the energy and feeling in a state of complete contentment and bliss… albeit with a rather hot face.  I have always loved having a tan, and after living in Rio De Janeiro for 8 years, there’s not much I don’t know about tanning on Copacabana beach… but honestly, nobody wants a red nose or forehead… and seeing as I was heading more or less straight out to work at the Orgiva Tea Gardens, I really didn’t want to be looking like an emergency beacon… so I just slapped on a thick layer of organic coconut oil and slid into the Landy and did the billowing dusty drive down to Órgiva and on towards Tijola… about half an hour away.  

José Vilchez

I LOVE working at the Tea Gardens… Jose Vilchez was playing classical guitar… the owners Kay and Bernie are delightful… and my co worker in crime Elaine is an absolute gem.  Even if I was to win the lottery and could shop like a Kardashian… not that I would because how many pairs of shoes do you ever really need… you’ll still find me there on Wednesday afternoons… although hopefully I won’t cock up the orders and spill 3 lots of coffee from the cafetieres,  like I did that afternoon… it was a genuine numpty day. 

Personally… I blame it on the Star Beings 😉

As the afternoon began to cool… I climbed back into the Landy… when I’m tired, there are moments when I would be ever so grateful for a little step up, but mostly I’m too proud to admit that I’m a short arse… and headed home… via Birgit… my naturopathic healer friend who’s helping me ride the waves of menopausal shifting hips, joints, rages, tears and expanding waist lines… I haven’t had the sweats yet… and maybe I won’t… but I’ve definitely got enough to keep me going for now.  All I can say, is that she’s amazing, and thank God for the miracle of tissue salts and homeopathy.  

Me and Birgit Morayma Harp!
Me and Birgit Morayma Harp!

When I make it back home… MGM and I discover that we are practically out of drinking water… Arrrrgggghhhh!!! 

That means we have to make a trip to the local Lanjarón spring and we might as well get some supplies while we’re at it… and more creosote for the newly rebuilt pergola that MGM has been valiantly repurposing and rebuilding at my caravan office… so it’s less like a Native American sweat lodge over the increasing heat of the summer.

Soooooo…. back in the Landy we go for more dust billowing drives down the bumpy track, this time turning left to Lanjarón rather than right to Órgiva.  


The hardware store was closed… and there were giant fairground stands and rides  being built on the sides of the road…  and at the water spring there was a queue of people filling up giant gallon water containers, so we headed to the supermarket and loaded up on alkalising melons for breakfast…. and then stopped at one of our fav bars… the Nottingham for a beer for the boy and water for the girl….yup water.  Truth be told.. I was more than a bit frazzled… so I’m not sure why I  started working again when we got home… writing posts… catching up with my group… and… oh… then a message came through asking for a reflexology treatment first thing in the morning… and seeing as the writing flow was flowing… this blog was being written and I was loving it… and it was past 1am when I stopped… and Sir Maxelot had already woken up and taken MGM for his first outing of the night.  They both came back in a bit of a grump and it was definitely time for us all to go to sleep.

And it’s a very busy few days ahead too!

On Friday, there’s a talk on Brexit by the British Consulate from Malaga at the Tea Gardens, which I’ll be working at… which I feel will be more of a creative comedy sketch than factually driven… because let’s face it… nobody knows what the heck is going to happen on that front


On Saturday morning I’m hosting the ‘Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth’ worldwide healing event with Birgit in Orgiva and online… 

Click the image for the Free Healing Event information!


the San Juan Fiesta will be in full flow in Lanjarón, so that’s the afternoon disappearing into a blurry haze…


there’s a big all day refugee charity event at the Tea Gardens on Sunday that I’m also working at…


That takes us back to Monday and back into my online healing and reflexology worlds again.

So whoever thinks that we live a life of leisurely luxury as if we’re on permanent holiday… you’re very much mistaken… I haven’t even had a chance to dip my big toe into our adult paddling pool yet… but I have saved countless flying insects who’ve dipped their toes in and got water logged… I’ve become the ‘all things floating with wings’ lifeguard… it’s my newest role that I’ve taken on with pride… and of course LOVE.

Hasta luego guapos and guapas! 


PS… Enjoy a bit of fun wuwu girl banter and insight into my healing work with Seanin Banrion on her Live Freedom Network show!

Insurance Calls… Pools and Goat Traffic Jams…

Recently in the Alpujarras…

The sun’s been shining and we’ve been feeling like millionaires… mainly because My Gorgeous Man’s mother gifted us some blessed spondoolies and we’ve treated ourselves to playing house… and as this is our first summer in our magical, miracle wee home… we really wanted to be able to enjoy the gorgeous weather and live the outside life… and really feel like we are actually living in Spain!

Our first gift was a hoover… still to be delivered… followed swiftly by two sails for right outside over our concrete plinth, aka the terrace…. as we desperately needed to create shade to be able to sit out there… and… then….wait for it…. a swimming pool! Yup… we’ve going full expat in Spain and got ourselves a pool.

Now we’re not talking infinity pools or even a dug out pool… it’s more like a put up, adult paddling pool, just big enough for us both to have a quick step into and splash around in and hopefully fit two funky inflatables with drink holders into too…. so we can float in the sun enjoying a sundowner beer. Living the dream, yup… living the dream. Corny, yet so much fun!

But Oh My God.
When we started filling it up from our acequia water that’s stored in our giant 114,000L storage tank…
it was….


Green, browny and ‘no way José’ were we getting into it.  So it was time for the chlorine.  Now, we know chlorine’s not healthy.  We know it’s not eco-friendly… but I can’t tell you how excited we are about having a pool… so no lectures please or advice on salt pools, eco pools and the like… because we already know! 

What I do know is that My Gorgeous Man almost had a brain explosion trying to put the pool together alone and as I was doing my multidimensional healing work, down in the caravan office and ensconced in a bubble of lurv…

I had no idea that the air was turning super blue up by the hoose.  I just came back to the finished product full of dirty water and a deeply distressed and sweaty remnant of a man… who was now even more my hunky handsome hero.


The water was so dirty that the chlorine tablets didn’t even touch it… even after a couple of days.  So it was decided that we would go down the ‘shock’ route.  As I was going to be in town I took a deep breath and bravely stepped into the local plumbers and had the guessing game of a conversation of  as I couldn’t make out a word the old man was saying… apart from ‘be careful… and burn’. 

Great.  Thanks. 

I nervously laughed as we started shocking the pool… MGM had done the calculations of cubic water and grams and all that… but it still took over 24 hours to clear… and that included added random ‘shock pouring’ into the pool… and crossed fingers.

The thing is, that when we tested to see the PH of the water, the chlorine was so strong that we couldn’t get in it, for fear that all our flesh would be burnt off our bones… but Oh, how we admired it and loved it and enjoyed watching the sun glint and sparkle off the clean, clear water! 

We are soooo going to appreciate it over the summer… when we can eventually get in it.

We also had ‘fun’ putting up the sails… grappling with the flapping corners and rope… and My Gorgeous Man climbing into the olive trees to secure our shade… getting scratched, stuck and miraculously somehow doing a ‘Fanstastic Four, rubber arm stretch’ reach to get to the stronger branches that had been ear marked as the securing points.  There was copious amounts of swearing again…. and then beads of satisfied sweat as the last knot was tied and a safe landing back down onto terra firma was secured. 

We then quickly  realised that our initial reservations of putting up a sail shade were very valid indeed.  Living in the wind tunnel would probably rip these sails quite quickly… but again…  if we didn’t try it, we’d never know… and it was just such a blessing to be able to sit outside in the shade!  It’s frikking amazing!


Now, if you saw my cryptic Facebook post a few days ago, you may well be curious as to what My Gorgeous Man and I are up to?!


Well… an opportunity arose for us to take on some online work as ‘life insurance sales calls checkers’.  Thanks to the humungous number of rules and regulations, there’s a need for people to check the sales calls for compliance.  It’s part time, in our own time and… paid! 

So we said yes!

Just like the man from DelMonte did!

The reality of what that actually meant, hit home on day one of training, when I realised I was totally out of my depth and dimension.  MGM says I live on a different planet anyway and the day was confirmation of how I really don’t fit into modern day life, with rules, acronyms, tests and office speak.  My brain was fried within an hour… but my MGM hero was reconnecting very well with his old corporate self… and every so often he leant over and said “Are you OK?” with a knowing twinkle in his eye… and the offer of a “You don’t have to do it” get out clause.

By the end of our first day of training,  I was seriously doubting my ability to do the work… my heart was shouting “focus on your wuwu magic ya numpty… it’s going so well now!!!” and my head was saying “but this should be so easy!”… and yet it soooo wasn’t, for me. 

But what I did love,  was that our training was further up in the mountains in the white village of Soportújar… which is famous for its witchy history… and the views were absolutely stunning!  We’re definitely going to explore that area more… under less pressured circumstances!

And what I loved even more, was that on the drive back home we had to go via our mechanic to pick up the Landy which had been having the bushes replaced to try and stop the vibration that shakes the car and our nerves when we pick up a bit of speed.  Lee and Joel are the local Landrover experts, enthusiasts and great mechanics… and there’s no language barrier! 


Because there were reported roadworks back to the main road, we took the direct route down the mountain. Down the rugged track, that doesn’t look too bad until you actually drive it… but it takes you straight down to the small BP garage on the edge of Órgiva.  It was rough drive that rattled nerves and cars… but it was also sheer magic… the views, the sun, the mountains, the clouds of dust bellowing out from behind MGM as he drove our Landy down that crazy track… and I had such a rush of gratitude and LOVE of living here and of the life we’ve manifested and are creating together.

And to cherry on the icing on the cake… was getting stuck in a goat traffic jam.



And what else have we been up to?

Well… Angel Aaron has been round to help My Gorgeous Man reconstruct the old pergola outside my caravan office so I can sit outside in the shade and write more blogs, rather than be steamed alive inside the caravan in the summer heat…  the broccoli and tomatoes are growing but nothing edible has appeared yet… we’ve had some gorgeous purple/blue irises (or perhaps they’re orchids, we don’t really know… she says shamefully) appear from nowhere… we’ve had more strangers walking through our land and along our acequia as the increasing tension over the water stopping for the summer escalates as every last drop counts… I’ve been letting loose and dancing on the roof… noticing hilarious sweary car number plates… MGM has wiped down the solar panels and realised how layered in dust they were…. we’ve eaten our own spring onions… enjoyed friends arriving in town at the cafe on horse back… the wild winds torn down our washing line along with the washing and the first sail we put up…. sigh… I’ve had my birthday taking me closer to mid-50’s which just doesn’t seem possible… I’ve had my first day of Sunday Sunbathing on the roof and burnt my butt… there’s an increased number of the seriously large shaky spiders… and there’s been the most incredible sunset… and the magic that is Sir Maxelot, has mostly slept through it all.  Mostly.


So in a nutshell… life is pretty damn good right now… and it finally feels like everything is coming into alignment and we’re finding our off-grid feet here in Spain. And the same can be said for my healing work too… watch my ‘rooftop’ revelation video sharing how having the courage to fly in the face of conformity and follow your heart… is the only way to go!

Life is for living!

Life is for Loving!

Love living your life!

Until the next time my lovelies… hasta luego! 😎