More Bureaucratic Shenanigans and the Obligatory Miracle…

Soooo… it’s been a while!  But we’re still here…still standing… still loving the crazy ride of Spanish Alpujarra life.  I’ve been super focused on the flow with my wuwu world of Channelling Love… but there was a significant breakthrough for our life here recently that was a whole lot of bureaucratic shenanigans, graced with the miracle at the end. 

You might have heard of something called Brexit, which means that becoming a Spanish resident was paramount for us Brits.  Even for a rebel like me, the thought of living life looking over my shoulder and potentially not being able to come and go freely was not going to be an option.

I went through the residency process in February and last week it was My Gorgeous Man’s turn.  Passports, NIE numbers, certificates, translations, my self employment papers and everything else we could possibly think of.  Copied, copied again… double checked… looked at blankly over and over… and giving in to the ‘what will be will be’ mantra.  And so on a cloudy morning and with butterflies fluttering we climbed into the Landy and headed down to Motril on the coast, where the Comisaria de Polícia offices are.



We had a lovely coffee sitting in the sun, reminding ourselves that this is why we are flowing with the beaurocratic needs… and then walked down the hill to the office. 


Greeted by police officers on the other side of the metal detector that no-one pays any attention to, My Gorgeous Man’s name was ticked off the list and we turned left into the large open office, filled not only with foreigners waiting for their own little miracle, but for Spanish people getting their passports.

The woman on the ‘Foreigners’ desk called MGM forward and we were A Go.

There was a lot of paper shuffling, rapid fire Spanish, and my aim was to connect and crack a smile from her.  Then it was my turn to offer up my papers… and first of all I didn’t have enough copies (even though we’d initially been told they wouldn’t ask for copies of all my stuff)… and then came some Spanish that I really had to get my head around.


She was asking for updated papers to prove my self employment status which is called ‘autonomo’ here.  Mmm…. and I showed her again the 036 that I had been reassured would be enough.  But apparently it wasn’t… because it was dated February and it didn’t prove that I was still  contributing into the system and paying tax.    My heart was pumping and my brain became super focused on trying to catch any word I could latch onto to make sense of the incomprehensible jumble coming out of her mouth.

I really wished I’d stuck to my DuoLingo… or more to the point signed up for those bliddy Spanish classes.

The long and short of it was that I had to source whatever documents from the Social Security department to show I was still paying into the system.  And apparently there was a building behind where we could get that done.

We took a deep breath… walked the walk of ‘not resident’ shame out of the offices and headed round the corner to get more copies and… take a deep breath for whatever awaited.  We found reception… found the receptionist who didn’t really give a damn that I couldn’t fully catch what she was saying… and basically said
“No… not here.” 
And after a good few attempts… I was like a little Scottish terrier who wouldn’t give up until she vaguely understood.  It turned out that there was another reception further round the corner.

Off we trotted.

In we went… this time to be met with a well guarded metal detector and a security guard who thought I was was speaking anything but my version of Spanish.

Eventually we were let through… the metal arch beeped… pockets were emptied and belts taken off and papers shuffled some more… and we were pointed through to another office and reception desk.  The man behind that desk looked at me as if to say… “Oooooh boy….”  and then he also proceeded to say

But he almost saved the day by adding… “but you can make an appointment for tomorrow.”

Shit.  tomorrow’s not today.

And he wasn’t budging.  So we took the appointment, not even sure we were in the right place doing the right thing… and walked another walk of shame back to the Comisaria de Polícia.

By now, we’d phoned the lawyers office that had been helping us get ready for MGM’s residency and they were trying to get an appointment with the local Social  Security office in Órgiva.. our local town.  Because we figured that we would have just enough time to speed back… get documents… and speed back down before the 2pm siesta deadline when everything shuts down.  But it turned out that the computer also said “No,” to their efforts… and we were left to fend for ourselves.

There was nothing left, but for us to admit we couldn’t get the documents and pray and beg that we wouldn’t have to wait another 3 months to get a residency appointment.  At that point we had less than a week before the UK was potentially leaving the EU.

On our down trodden return, our woman softened on seeing our stress and she said to come back tomorrow morning with the papers as she would add us onto the official “Just let them in’ list… and that she would call us forward.  She said everything was in order and it wouldn’t be a problem.

OoooooKaaaaaaaay then.

On the way back, I had the super sparkly idea to go into the office in Orgiva where I had first gone ‘autonomo’… the women there is fantastic.  I can hardly understand a word she says, but she does the do and with a smile.  So when I turned up unexpectedly in front of her desk… my face and energy and Spanish saying….

“I need help!”…. and she replied ‘Help is here’… and I could have hugged her there and then.  I explained the situation and she started tapping away on the computer… printing things up… looking concerned at the screen… saying stuff and smiling… printing up more stuff and then handed it all over.  She’d printed up everything she could think of to prove what needed to be proven… and wished me luck. 

What an angel!

MGM had been left with the task of finding an elusive parking spot and meeting me in the square to then go up to the lawyers office, where we then tried to cancel the next day’s Social Security appointment down in Motril… with no luck because the computer said… you guessed it… ‘No’.. because we didn’t have a code…. but then add on to that, that I also had to cancel my own totally separate Social Security appointment in Órgiva that had been planned a while back, for the next morning, in order to pick up my health card… but I now couldn’t go to that appointment because we were having to go back to Motril to get MGM’s residency. 

To this cancellation, the computer said Yes.  Hallelujah. 

So that was our first attempt at MGM’s Spanish residency. 

Bureaucracy 1  MGM 0

Grumpy, faces... Bureaucracy 1 MGM0

Day 2

Here we go. 

Our first mistake was to try and multi-task.  First stop was to turn left and head to Lanjarón council offices for me to get yet more legalised copies of my passport and residency … this time for my driving license that has now been lost in the Spanish system for almost 5 months… yup… I’m still driving illegally.  We had felt confident that this would be the easy part of the day… and yet… we came up against the first ‘No’… because the right people weren’t there to stamp and sign. 

Oooookaaaaay… Breathe.  And pray this wasn’t a sign of things to come.

So we decided that seeing as we had to drive through Orgiva to get to the police station in Motril… I would jump out at the traffic lights… leap into the council offices there and try and get the elusive signatures and stamps… which had to be taken to the lawyers office today because he would be going up to Traffico in Granada the next day to work driving license miracles.

Orgiva main street looking down towards the local town council offices.

It was a good idea… but it didn’t work, because the head honcho had popped out for half an hour. 

And breathe.

I legged it up into the plaza to see MGM waiting on one of the iron benches again… and there was nothing for it but to head down to Motril and see what awaited us there.  Hopefully MGM’s residency.

More deep breaths.

We walk straight into the Comisaria de Policia, round the side of the metal detector… and into the office… to see loads of people and an empty desk.

I could feel MGM’s energy shift from anxiety to frustration, resignation and “I f’ing knew it wouldn’t be that easy’.  And I went into super calm and silent mode as is my way. 

There was however a young man at the ‘Foreigners’ desk and he was under siege from everything and everyone trying to get his attention and grab the chair in front of him as soon as it was vacated.  It was an ‘effing’ free for all… and as I felt MGM seething beside me… I knew I didn’t have the courage to go and barge in. 

After quite a while, where another Brit walked away smiling with her prized green card… an interpreter with 5 Chinese teenagers came and went with different papers each time… a middle eastern woman made it to the desk and left the desk… looking totally lost and was then be saved by another woman who managed to translate a bit for her…. and another man secured the prized seat and got his answers…. MGM suddenly jumped up and forward as the man left… and we finally got an acknowledgement from the harassed officer behind the desk. 

We were told to wait. 
Fair enough. 
We didn’t have an appointment and he didn’t know our story from yesterday.

One step closer.

And then, not long after, from round the corner, appeared our angel.  Yup… she’d been on a break and appeared from round the back, still chewing… and boy… did our hearts lift.  By now we were sat in the front row with great big signs on our foreheads saying “SEE US!!!”   We were beaten into her chairs by a speedy gonzales and I could feel MGM’s frustration and blood pressure rise even more… but also there was huge relief at the same time because hopefully she would remember who we were from yesterday.  There’s an advantage to having 1k of purple dreads in your hair… you don’t tend to blend into the background.

When you come from a country that is obsessed with queues and everything being done in order and in a ‘proper’ manner… the randomness and apparent chaos of official procedures can be a huge challenge.  Having lived in Brazil, this office was a piece of piss for me… and having the ‘it’ll all work out in the end’ approach… makes it a whole lot less stressful… but, admittedly,  I do lack the ‘ooomph’ to push to the front of queues, all the same.  I could have ended up sitting there for hours if MGM hadn’t done the initial deed for us.

But we didn’t need to push forward in the end… because out of the blue MGM’s name was called… and we leapt into action and sat our glad assess down in those prized positions opposite the ‘angel of Spanish residency.’  I handed all my new pieces of paper over with pride and a prayer.  They were shuffled, examined and looked over with an eagle eye and there was a glimmer of approval and a slight nod, which flooded me with relief. 

And then, it happened. 
Just like that. 
MGM was handed over that precious small green card.

I have to admit that I wanted to jump up and cheer and make a fuss… but I didn’t.  We did lots of Cheshire cat grins and ‘Gracias-es’  and we both felt it really important to show how delighted we were to be living and now both fully resident here in Spain. 

This is our home…. and we LOVE it!

I also resisted skipping out the office and we settled for the obligatory “Now resident” photo shoot in front of the police station.


YES!  Residency achieved and the green card to prove it!


 Instead of going somewhere to celebrate, we very sensibly and locially decided to run the gauntlet back to Orgiva to try and get the legalised copies of the documents I needed to reapply, redirect, and just frisking send me my Spanish driving license…  puleeeeeeeeez!  

And we were treated the stunning views as we headed back up into the mountains… and reminded yet again of why we had chosen to live here!

The view approaching Órgiva from the coast.
Órgiva from the other side of the mountain!


Having failed earlier in the day, I was determined this was going to be second time lucky… and I went into the Orgiva town office, armed with a smile and google translate and the determination to just get it done.  Again… MGM was tasked with parking the impossible and I jumped out at the traffic lights to go into the council offices and try my luck.

And hey presto…. “the man he say YES!!”

And that meant a swift happy walk up the main street to find MGM on a bench again in the plaza and then heading into the lawyers office to get my driving license changeover form, submitted… again.  I have to admit that I’m having a bit of a sense of humour failure about having handed over my UK driving license in good faith… and not getting the Spanish one in return.  Surely, this would be 4th time lucky.…

It remains to be seen.

Once in the office… we had a bit of a wait while another British couple were going through the process of getting their driving licenses sorted.  I resisted the temptation of saying anything along the lines of an ironic ‘Gooooood Luuuuuck’ as they filled in their paperwork.  Meanwhile, at the other desk, I was able to cancel the Social Security appointment for my health card, that had been remade for me, without telling me… but on a day that I would be working. 

And after that… there was nothing for it, but to head straight to our favourite restaurant, Venta Maria,  for some great food and atmosphere and… celebratory vino blanco y cerveza.

YUM... best authentic hand made Italian pasta and food in the Alpujarras!
No better place for lunch!

And right now… MGM is plucking up the courage to send off his driving license… because he’s now illegal… as a Spanish resident driving on a UK license in a Spanish car.  My social security appointment is set for next week… and while I’ve since received a document to allow me to drive without the Spanish license card… we’re holding our breath in anticipation of the real thing miraculously appearing within the next 3 weeks.

And it will. 
Because we all know that miracles ARE the new reality.  

Celebrations filled with relief and happy smiles!
Happy bunnies!


Hasta luego my lovelies… until the next time!





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Dust Trails… Time Warps… and Shaky Spiders

The last 3 days… of typical Alpujarran flow…

Monday morning starts with Sir Maxelot huffing and puffing by My Gorgeous Man’s side of the bed, in order to be let out into the cool morning air…  We drag ourselves awake… run the gauntlet of the giant shaky spiders gathering to greet us on the door mesh and outside walls… more about them another time…. and I sit on out on the terrace with him for a bit, as he’s no longer allowed there unsupervised since he threw himself off the 5ft terrace to chase after a neighbour’s dog a couple of weeks ago… nuff said… and breathe… that’s a heart stopping story for another day too. 

Apologies if you don’t care for spiders…
Just chillin’…

I couldn’t hang around for too long though, as we were looking after a friend’s dog while she was away and it was my turn to pop in and make doggie breakfast and keep her company.  So hauling myself into the Landy I drive the track that’s morphing into a dust trail as the summer sun dries out the grasses and land.  Once there, I have a bit of a ‘moment’ trying to unlock the padlocked gate before driving through the arch of giant bamboo up to the house.  I start calling ‘Good Morning’ out to the resident cat and dog and talk about what a lovely breakfast their going to have… then start desperately scrabbling in my bag for the door key.  But nope.  It’s not there.  Looking at the time, there isn’t time to drive all the way home to come all the way back and feed the pooch and encourage her to go out… and still get to yoga in time.  And I am super determined to make it to yoga after a month off, due to my grinding hip joints during this delightful stage of menopausal upgrade and hormonal imbalance… which I’m trying valiantly to send love and light to. 

My Gorgeous Man had already left home to go and do his care taking stint at the massive property down the track that he’s looking after while the official caretaker is away… but phone him I must.  Being the hero that he is, he managed not to say anything about the forgotten key, and said he would drive over when he was finished… in about an hours time.  So I apologised through the door to the cat and dog waiting inside, and said that my Hunky Handsome Hero would come and save them very soon.

I make it to yoga with time to spare… and took a seat on an iron bench under the plaza shades and orange trees and sent catch up voice messages and then was on the receiving end of my friend’s yucky weird hilarity of a being sent a dick pic…. eeeuuuuchhh.. but why… seriously?… and I, even more weirdly, I inappropriately laughed even more.  

Moving swiftly on….I make it through 90 minutes of Vinyasa flow… and love it… but my hips, not so much… so I go have a coffee to recover… so wrong and yet so right… and chill… and breathe some more… then head home in a rush because all of a sudden time has warped… and it’s now late lunch time… and precious minutes are beginning to run out… and I forget to breathe…. trailing hot billowing dust behind me up the track, I speed home to the caravan office/Goddess cave and renovation project extraordinaire and get to work…. it’s the week ahead livestream reading for my private online group, Channelling Love’s Healing Collective… and I’m still in my yoga gear and high on coffee… it’s a reading that lifts my heart and I’m loving the feel of the week already…

Live Reading for the week ahead for my online group – Channelling Love’s Healing Collective

I do an energy healing for us all to embody the highest outcome for the week… and then I have half an hour to really remember to breathe before a channelling client comes on line… and in come the high Channelling Love vibes and I’m flying without wings or local coffee… oh the sheer bliss… pure healing…and as we say our wuwu world… all in the flow of love.  But it’s not over yet as afterwards, I still have to do the personal readings for my members… and this time it’s the healing vibes that fly through the cards and have me gushing the most inappropriately unspiritual readings that make it all the more fun and real … and dare I say it… on point.  So now I’ve made it through to late afternoon… and it’s a hop, skip and a jump back into the Landy and we head up the mountain to Bayacas to our mechanic. There’s bulbs to be fitted to reignite the dashboard at night… ever so handy to see which state of automatic gear you’re in and basically everything that’s going on in the car… and I’m also having a makeover consult with said mechanics wife… you’ll get more on that inside scoop soon… but Ssshhhhh… it’s a secret for now.  

After a couple of hours… during which her mischievous young horse learnt to go up their outside steps and ended up walking around the driveway… while I sidled behind another Land Rover, remembering the time a pony practically bit me in half as a child… it was definitely time to go.

Meet Pirate and Becci

Once home… I honestly can’t remember what I did… but it must have involved a massive amount of food… and oh yes… I had to edit and upload the replay from Sunday’s Healing event in Zoom with Seanin… and then bed… almost… as I still had facebook posting to do and I’m sure I did some website stuff too… I think… maybe… or was that last night… who cares now anyway… I got it done.  

Tuesday morning was another early start thanks to Sir Maxelot… who had again… dragged My Gorgeous Man around the terraces at about 3am… much to his glee… and not MGMs… as we knew that Tuesday was going to be a ‘super special stress loaded’ morning that needed full alertness and calm… lots of calm… as we had to take the Landy for its ITV… aka, annual road worthiness test.  It’s actually a great set up… you wait for your number plate to flash up on the giant screen on a pole and then drive round the corner with your heart in your mouth… and face the tunnel of tests… emissions, indicators on, indicators off… brake… stop!… brake again… handbrake… seatbelts… wipers, washers. windscreens, doors, steering, hazards… weird crazy rollers to test brakes and suspension or something underneath… and all with you there in the car, having instructions thrown at you in Spanish on what to do.  The ‘testers’ are obviously used to non-Spanish speakers… which made us feel even more numpytish… because their pigeon English got us through the tunnel to the cliffhanger wait to get our results at the end.  And lo and behold, after much standing and foot shuffling and talking rubbish… we got our prized little windscreen sticker making us legal for another year!  

Ya F’ing Beautaaaaay! 
We passed… and it felt frikking fantastic! 

No photos though to prove the tunnel ever happened because when I tried that last time, I was unceremoniously told off and made to delete all photos in front of them.  I can’t tell you how much I wanted to sneak another photo in… just because I’d been told I couldn’t.

Jimmy our Kangoo had taken 3 attempts to pass the ITV in April… three… and taken our blood pressure and bank balance to the point of blind trust… so to celebrate this major breakthrough and miracle… we stopped off in Top Camping for a quickie breakfast and naughty treat.  Yup… coffee and ooooohhhh… tostada with tomato and melted cheese… which I love to drizzle olive oil over… my conscience says it’s to balance out the naughtiness of white bread… but the reality is it just tastes tooooo good not to. I order another coffee… but can’t drink it… just why did I think I wanted more?.. and once again a time warp wraps us up and eats half an hour… and it’s a mad dash home… more dust billowing out behind us on the track… as I have a channelling client online to meet, greet, share with, heal with and love some more.  


So coming out of the healing zone, we’re after midday and I’m feeling a bit pooped so I have a power nap… in between more facebook, more catching up… more creating… more “not quite sure what I really did but it felt busy”… but I do know that I had another client later in the afternoon and it was an absolute humdinger of a healing…. because I came back up to the house and starting stuffing rice cakes with crunchy peanut butter into my face as quickly as I could. 

Carb and sugar fix in a oner.  Damn it was good. 

I think there was a residual few handfuls of crips that also mysteriously disappeared.  Sometimes after a very strong healing, I am ravenous beyond ravenous… and it’s not from lack of food… it’s the need to replenish energetically and reground on planet earth.  Poor MGM has learnt that after a healing, I’m generally no use to anyone or anything until I fully land back… and engage brain… although some might say I’ve already lost a few marbles along the way… but that’s ok… I don’t want to be normal and all logical… life is for living wildly and freely from the heart!   

Wild and free… after dancing on the roof!

And what went down on Tuesday night?  Well, I watched the last episode of Billions… my way of manifesting spondoolies… did more of the website upgrading and rebranding for my monthly subscription that I hadn’t managed to do last month… watched some Dragon’s Den… my way of manifesting amazing opportunities… and fell into a very, very deep sleep… to be woken at 6.30am by Sir Maxelot huffing and puffing again… at the side of the bed… asking to go out again… even though my extremely distressed and grumpy MGM had taken him out at 3am… again… and 5am…. again.  Sir Maxelot now has us totally trained to let him sleep all day while hardly moving a muscle… and to go out at least twice during the night.  It’s been a couple of months now… and it’s wearing thin. Well truth be told, it’s wearing thin on MGM because he wakes up and I mostly sleep through it all… that’s the side effect of years of instant deep sleep training as air crew, sleeping in the jumbo jet bunks and knowing that if you don’t grab these minutes while you can… you’re zombified for eternity… or until the jet lag wears off… which it never really does when you’re long haul crew.   

So Wednesday morning started off with me taking Sir Maxelot around the terraces at dawn in my pjs and wellies… that’s the beauty of living out in the wilds on your own… no overlooking neighbours… and then I sat on the terrace, admiring the morning’s full moon, albeit rather bleary eyed while doing the old social media thing…

MGM had headed straight out to the massive property again to do his hunky mature pool boy, land irrigation and gorgeous gardener duties.  I had another channelling in the morning… this time a livestream out in nature for my private group… and I got all set up on a higher terrace to share the views behind me… and somewhere within the live healing, my ‘real Sally’ awareness wished I’d put the chair further along the terrace… because the sun came out from behind the tree, quicker than I anticipated and basically… I got baked alive, live, on facebook.  It’s hard to move my body when I’m channelling so I couldn’t just pick up the chair and move at that point… but as soon as it was over, I shuffled my chair, bags and laptop into the shade to do some automatic writing to share with the group… while detachedly marvelling at the song of the colourful bee eater birds.  

The beginning of the livestream ‘baking’…

It was just magical… sitting in the shade, hearing the birds… still immersed in the energy and feeling in a state of complete contentment and bliss… albeit with a rather hot face.  I have always loved having a tan, and after living in Rio De Janeiro for 8 years, there’s not much I don’t know about tanning on Copacabana beach… but honestly, nobody wants a red nose or forehead… and seeing as I was heading more or less straight out to work at the Orgiva Tea Gardens, I really didn’t want to be looking like an emergency beacon… so I just slapped on a thick layer of organic coconut oil and slid into the Landy and did the billowing dusty drive down to Órgiva and on towards Tijola… about half an hour away.  

José Vilchez

I LOVE working at the Tea Gardens… Jose Vilchez was playing classical guitar… the owners Kay and Bernie are delightful… and my co worker in crime Elaine is an absolute gem.  Even if I was to win the lottery and could shop like a Kardashian… not that I would because how many pairs of shoes do you ever really need… you’ll still find me there on Wednesday afternoons… although hopefully I won’t cock up the orders and spill 3 lots of coffee from the cafetieres,  like I did that afternoon… it was a genuine numpty day. 

Personally… I blame it on the Star Beings 😉

As the afternoon began to cool… I climbed back into the Landy… when I’m tired, there are moments when I would be ever so grateful for a little step up, but mostly I’m too proud to admit that I’m a short arse… and headed home… via Birgit… my naturopathic healer friend who’s helping me ride the waves of menopausal shifting hips, joints, rages, tears and expanding waist lines… I haven’t had the sweats yet… and maybe I won’t… but I’ve definitely got enough to keep me going for now.  All I can say, is that she’s amazing, and thank God for the miracle of tissue salts and homeopathy.  

Me and Birgit Morayma Harp!
Me and Birgit Morayma Harp!

When I make it back home… MGM and I discover that we are practically out of drinking water… Arrrrgggghhhh!!! 

That means we have to make a trip to the local Lanjarón spring and we might as well get some supplies while we’re at it… and more creosote for the newly rebuilt pergola that MGM has been valiantly repurposing and rebuilding at my caravan office… so it’s less like a Native American sweat lodge over the increasing heat of the summer.

Soooooo…. back in the Landy we go for more dust billowing drives down the bumpy track, this time turning left to Lanjarón rather than right to Órgiva.  


The hardware store was closed… and there were giant fairground stands and rides  being built on the sides of the road…  and at the water spring there was a queue of people filling up giant gallon water containers, so we headed to the supermarket and loaded up on alkalising melons for breakfast…. and then stopped at one of our fav bars… the Nottingham for a beer for the boy and water for the girl….yup water.  Truth be told.. I was more than a bit frazzled… so I’m not sure why I  started working again when we got home… writing posts… catching up with my group… and… oh… then a message came through asking for a reflexology treatment first thing in the morning… and seeing as the writing flow was flowing… this blog was being written and I was loving it… and it was past 1am when I stopped… and Sir Maxelot had already woken up and taken MGM for his first outing of the night.  They both came back in a bit of a grump and it was definitely time for us all to go to sleep.

And it’s a very busy few days ahead too!

On Friday, there’s a talk on Brexit by the British Consulate from Malaga at the Tea Gardens, which I’ll be working at… which I feel will be more of a creative comedy sketch than factually driven… because let’s face it… nobody knows what the heck is going to happen on that front


On Saturday morning I’m hosting the ‘Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth’ worldwide healing event with Birgit in Orgiva and online… 

Click the image for the Free Healing Event information!


the San Juan Fiesta will be in full flow in Lanjarón, so that’s the afternoon disappearing into a blurry haze…


there’s a big all day refugee charity event at the Tea Gardens on Sunday that I’m also working at…


That takes us back to Monday and back into my online healing and reflexology worlds again.

So whoever thinks that we live a life of leisurely luxury as if we’re on permanent holiday… you’re very much mistaken… I haven’t even had a chance to dip my big toe into our adult paddling pool yet… but I have saved countless flying insects who’ve dipped their toes in and got water logged… I’ve become the ‘all things floating with wings’ lifeguard… it’s my newest role that I’ve taken on with pride… and of course LOVE.

Hasta luego guapos and guapas! 


PS… Enjoy a bit of fun wuwu girl banter and insight into my healing work with Seanin Banrion on her Live Freedom Network show!

Insurance Calls… Pools and Goat Traffic Jams…

Recently in the Alpujarras…

The sun’s been shining and we’ve been feeling like millionaires… mainly because My Gorgeous Man’s mother gifted us some blessed spondoolies and we’ve treated ourselves to playing house… and as this is our first summer in our magical, miracle wee home… we really wanted to be able to enjoy the gorgeous weather and live the outside life… and really feel like we are actually living in Spain!

Our first gift was a hoover… still to be delivered… followed swiftly by two sails for right outside over our concrete plinth, aka the terrace…. as we desperately needed to create shade to be able to sit out there… and… then….wait for it…. a swimming pool! Yup… we’ve going full expat in Spain and got ourselves a pool.

Now we’re not talking infinity pools or even a dug out pool… it’s more like a put up, adult paddling pool, just big enough for us both to have a quick step into and splash around in and hopefully fit two funky inflatables with drink holders into too…. so we can float in the sun enjoying a sundowner beer. Living the dream, yup… living the dream. Corny, yet so much fun!

But Oh My God.
When we started filling it up from our acequia water that’s stored in our giant 114,000L storage tank…
it was….


Green, browny and ‘no way José’ were we getting into it.  So it was time for the chlorine.  Now, we know chlorine’s not healthy.  We know it’s not eco-friendly… but I can’t tell you how excited we are about having a pool… so no lectures please or advice on salt pools, eco pools and the like… because we already know! 

What I do know is that My Gorgeous Man almost had a brain explosion trying to put the pool together alone and as I was doing my multidimensional healing work, down in the caravan office and ensconced in a bubble of lurv…

I had no idea that the air was turning super blue up by the hoose.  I just came back to the finished product full of dirty water and a deeply distressed and sweaty remnant of a man… who was now even more my hunky handsome hero.


The water was so dirty that the chlorine tablets didn’t even touch it… even after a couple of days.  So it was decided that we would go down the ‘shock’ route.  As I was going to be in town I took a deep breath and bravely stepped into the local plumbers and had the guessing game of a conversation of  as I couldn’t make out a word the old man was saying… apart from ‘be careful… and burn’. 

Great.  Thanks. 

I nervously laughed as we started shocking the pool… MGM had done the calculations of cubic water and grams and all that… but it still took over 24 hours to clear… and that included added random ‘shock pouring’ into the pool… and crossed fingers.

The thing is, that when we tested to see the PH of the water, the chlorine was so strong that we couldn’t get in it, for fear that all our flesh would be burnt off our bones… but Oh, how we admired it and loved it and enjoyed watching the sun glint and sparkle off the clean, clear water! 

We are soooo going to appreciate it over the summer… when we can eventually get in it.

We also had ‘fun’ putting up the sails… grappling with the flapping corners and rope… and My Gorgeous Man climbing into the olive trees to secure our shade… getting scratched, stuck and miraculously somehow doing a ‘Fanstastic Four, rubber arm stretch’ reach to get to the stronger branches that had been ear marked as the securing points.  There was copious amounts of swearing again…. and then beads of satisfied sweat as the last knot was tied and a safe landing back down onto terra firma was secured. 

We then quickly  realised that our initial reservations of putting up a sail shade were very valid indeed.  Living in the wind tunnel would probably rip these sails quite quickly… but again…  if we didn’t try it, we’d never know… and it was just such a blessing to be able to sit outside in the shade!  It’s frikking amazing!


Now, if you saw my cryptic Facebook post a few days ago, you may well be curious as to what My Gorgeous Man and I are up to?!


Well… an opportunity arose for us to take on some online work as ‘life insurance sales calls checkers’.  Thanks to the humungous number of rules and regulations, there’s a need for people to check the sales calls for compliance.  It’s part time, in our own time and… paid! 

So we said yes!

Just like the man from DelMonte did!

The reality of what that actually meant, hit home on day one of training, when I realised I was totally out of my depth and dimension.  MGM says I live on a different planet anyway and the day was confirmation of how I really don’t fit into modern day life, with rules, acronyms, tests and office speak.  My brain was fried within an hour… but my MGM hero was reconnecting very well with his old corporate self… and every so often he leant over and said “Are you OK?” with a knowing twinkle in his eye… and the offer of a “You don’t have to do it” get out clause.

By the end of our first day of training,  I was seriously doubting my ability to do the work… my heart was shouting “focus on your wuwu magic ya numpty… it’s going so well now!!!” and my head was saying “but this should be so easy!”… and yet it soooo wasn’t, for me. 

But what I did love,  was that our training was further up in the mountains in the white village of Soportújar… which is famous for its witchy history… and the views were absolutely stunning!  We’re definitely going to explore that area more… under less pressured circumstances!

And what I loved even more, was that on the drive back home we had to go via our mechanic to pick up the Landy which had been having the bushes replaced to try and stop the vibration that shakes the car and our nerves when we pick up a bit of speed.  Lee and Joel are the local Landrover experts, enthusiasts and great mechanics… and there’s no language barrier! 


Because there were reported roadworks back to the main road, we took the direct route down the mountain. Down the rugged track, that doesn’t look too bad until you actually drive it… but it takes you straight down to the small BP garage on the edge of Órgiva.  It was rough drive that rattled nerves and cars… but it was also sheer magic… the views, the sun, the mountains, the clouds of dust bellowing out from behind MGM as he drove our Landy down that crazy track… and I had such a rush of gratitude and LOVE of living here and of the life we’ve manifested and are creating together.

And to cherry on the icing on the cake… was getting stuck in a goat traffic jam.



And what else have we been up to?

Well… Angel Aaron has been round to help My Gorgeous Man reconstruct the old pergola outside my caravan office so I can sit outside in the shade and write more blogs, rather than be steamed alive inside the caravan in the summer heat…  the broccoli and tomatoes are growing but nothing edible has appeared yet… we’ve had some gorgeous purple/blue irises (or perhaps they’re orchids, we don’t really know… she says shamefully) appear from nowhere… we’ve had more strangers walking through our land and along our acequia as the increasing tension over the water stopping for the summer escalates as every last drop counts… I’ve been letting loose and dancing on the roof… noticing hilarious sweary car number plates… MGM has wiped down the solar panels and realised how layered in dust they were…. we’ve eaten our own spring onions… enjoyed friends arriving in town at the cafe on horse back… the wild winds torn down our washing line along with the washing and the first sail we put up…. sigh… I’ve had my birthday taking me closer to mid-50’s which just doesn’t seem possible… I’ve had my first day of Sunday Sunbathing on the roof and burnt my butt… there’s an increased number of the seriously large shaky spiders… and there’s been the most incredible sunset… and the magic that is Sir Maxelot, has mostly slept through it all.  Mostly.


So in a nutshell… life is pretty damn good right now… and it finally feels like everything is coming into alignment and we’re finding our off-grid feet here in Spain. And the same can be said for my healing work too… watch my ‘rooftop’ revelation video sharing how having the courage to fly in the face of conformity and follow your heart… is the only way to go!

Life is for living!

Life is for Loving!

Love living your life!

Until the next time my lovelies… hasta luego! 😎


Retreats… Land Rovers… and Water Water Water!

Recently in the Alpujarras

“Oh my God she’s here!” 
“She’s finally here!


Not how your average 52 year old behaves…  waving madly and jumping up and down in Malaga airport arrivals… but sod that… this was a life changing moment!

Yup… that was all my over excited brain could think of when this gorgeous young woman appeared through arrivals with one arm flung up in the air in greeting and the other dragging her bulging wheelie bag behind her.  Wow.  It was a mad, blissful moment meeting my co-creative, cosmic channelling, wild and free ‘sister’ Seanin Banrion for the first time… and kind of ironic that we were only actually meeting a couple of days before running our first Open Your Cosmic Heart retreat together.

But that’s kind of the way the Universal magic rolls… you know everything is in alignment when there is an ease and flow and FUN….we had met online through a mutual friend and the superglue had instantly set through the ether, through the internet and through our hearts. 

And I couldn’t wait to introduce Seanin to the Alpujarra mountains.  I had a feeling she would fall in love with them as much as I had the first time me and My Gorgeous Man came here in search of ‘home’ 2 years ago.

And I was right!


It was love at first sight… and from then on in… the magic just kept building.  And I was officially christened the Wuwu-GIJane…. something to do with the strength needed for off-grid life and little ole me driving our big old Land Rover around the rugged mountains… but also of being a bit of a titch when it comes to my height.  I almost need a step up to get in.  Can’t believe I’ve just admitted that.  Hey Ho.

So.. running retreats is my thing.  And it is one of the building blocks for our life here in Spain… but nothing prepared me for the life changing awesomeness of the week ahead with Seanin.


Open Your Cosmic Heart Retreat March 2019


Under the eves of Dragon Mountain, rays of sunlight focused on our guests as they processed, pondered, laughed, relaxed and set their hearts free while the river ran wild below… deep, deep healing… release and transformation… laughter… laughter… and oh my goodness I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much… instant sisterhood with the amazing women that travelled from the USA and UK to be with us… purple flowers that matched my hair… dark rain clouds… vegan chocolate balls…. yup… those chocolate balls… sacred space in the yurt shared with wild vocal gecchos… ridiculous conversations… powerful conversations… secret words, emotions and visions shared with love and relief… sofas pulled round the wood burning stove at night as conversations burnt into the midnight oil… channellings that blew our minds and hearts wide open… heart wisdom that defied logic… insights, guidance & pure blissful presence… Oh no! Rain… no outdoor yoga… but more time for chocolate balls and heart chats… space… stillness… peace… love… light language songs… inter galactic conversations… miraculous… wondrous… WTF!…. magic happens when we allow and step aside… selfies into the sun… icy river water and wild winds… chefs creating culinary vegan miracles and joining in with the fun and wuwu… candles flickering in the night… sisterhood… no holds barred… all is welcome… all is loved… all is freed… all is healed… all is set free… the newly painted pink pool… views that defied our human eyes… inner transformations that set our ‘human’ free to be ALL that we are and more… laughter… support… deep peaceful sleep… gifts of oils, rings, crystals and more love… crown of flowers… our lives were changed forever… and the love remains…


It was hard to come back to ‘earth’ and real life after being cocooned in sacred retreat bliss… but come back we did… aided by a day of horizontal “Oh my God we did it rest’ followed by an utterly impromptu mad day out fuelled by celebratory bubbles on our roof… local wine and ‘patatas a los pobres’ in Pampaneira, beer and buñuelo donuts at our favourite local.  My Gorgeous Man got an insight into what sisterhood really means that day… and a gold medal for his infinite patience at our wild rebellious visionary conversations and wuwu worlds…  he bravely interjected sensible reminders that perhaps we’d had enough when clearly we had, but didn’t care a jot.  Tomorrow would take care of itself.  And that’s when we were very, very, very grateful for the healing chemical gift of Berocca. 



Life is for living… and Seanin and I are like etheric stardust twins… breathing, living and leading our lives from our hearts… it’s called true freedom… or in other words, just being yourself no matter what anyone else thinks!

So, back on planet earth, April was a month of grey skies and the gift of rain… it was also a month where our water supply from the acequia was flowing in non stop full force.  This meant that My Gorgeous Man got to be super creative with water management for the citrus trees right down at the bottom of our land… and we honed the art of taking our weekly 1hr supply in the black of 10pm.   We also learnt that our neighbours all start to go a bit water mad. 

Further up the mountain one of them had blocked off the flow illegally to fill his own deposit… another turned up with his dog in the middle of the night clapping his hands and suddenly appearing out of the black just below the house… then leaping up the terrace towards us with a torrent of incomprehensible Andalucian Spanish.  To this day we haven’t got a clue what he was saying… apart from it being about water.  Sigh. 


There was also a very memorable not so great morning of water flooding and gushing down the hill opposite us… right onto My Gorgeous Man’s newly dug and proudly planted vegetable patch.  Tomatoes, broccoli and peppers no less. 



Pretty rotten timing actually, mostly because MGM was suffering from a bout of food poisoning and not in the best space.  But, out onto the land we dragged ourselves none the less… still in PJs… and MGM tried to divert the wall of water away from the quickly drowning vegetable patch.  The situation wasn’t helped by the discovery that the flood was coming from the back of the neighbour’s overflowing natural water deposit (alberca) … this being the one who had illegally damned the acequia in the first place to take his own fill.  Add in the heavy stormy rains and it had all been too much for that naturally dug storage.



I chose to see it as an added bonus of free water into an area that doesn’t normally get water and just one of those things. It could have been a whole lot worse.  Poor MGM took it personally and rallied against the injustices of people just doing whatever they wanted and not caring about consequences.  It took a while for us to recover from that one.  Days, actually.  It was a subject that couldn’t be mentioned.  And as for the vegetable patch.  We think the broccoli has survived… the tomatoes are yet to prove themselves, but we haven’t given up hope yet.

We also had an impromptu visit from ‘King’ Santi,  the Big Man himself.  Remember… he was the neighbour from down the mountain that came and kidnapped MGM and then ordered us down to his house and got us wonderfully drunk?!  He turned up on our track, along with his wife, 4 dogs and a very big looking hoe, saying that he was coming for his water because it hadn’t arrived down in his area of the mountain.  I was secretly relieved that I was heading off and not going to be involved in any translation of potential ‘water wars’.  Turned out he charged up to the crest of the hill and just pulled down the ‘naughty neighbours’ illegal damn and went home very happy.  He also praised My Gorgeous Man for how great our land looks now.  That was a proud moment.  A moment of being accepted and acknowledged for not being another tourist, playing at living in Spain.

And at least he knew that we weren’t the ones f-ing up his water supply!

Phew.  Really wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of King Santi.

We also now fully understand why Land Rover’s famous saying

“Land Rover… making mechanics out of owners for 70 years”
… is such a true statement.

Because the 21 year old Land Rover that we’d been able to invest in, thanks to MGM’s torturous working stint in Dubai over Christmas… was turning into a step by step mechanical rebuild.   We’d invested in the Land Rover because Jimmy, our 4×4 Kangoo, was basically falling apart. Every time it drove the 2.5km of our rough mountain track … it continued to need a whole lot of unexpected TLC and expensive sticking back together again.

So, in the 3 months that we’ve had the Landy (that’s what they’re called when you’re in the know, you know) she’s had new disks and brakes… fuel pump replaced… power steering alternator done… various coolant and oil leaks plugged … side view mirror that was knocked out by tough almond branches on our track, was gaffer taped back in and eventually officially secured… replacement rear lenses so we don’t get stopped by the local police… timing belt replaced… and yet… we still LOVE her! 

Yes, she’s a SHE and she’s been christened Khaleesi of Game of Thrones fame.  OMG… I love Khaleesi!  We are now total converts and part of the Land Rover ‘cult.’  She is THE business and I can’t believe the difference in driving our track in her… no more bone shaking, breath holding or praying to make it home in one piece.

And MGM no longer just drops Khaleesi off at Lee’s, the mechanic up in Bayacas.  There’s been some Landy ‘boy bonding’ going on as My Gorgeous Man stays and learns and get’s put to work to help the repair…  and together they build Land Rovers in their minds that I couldn’t even dream of.  Last time, MGM got home at 1.30am… I’m not sure if I should be worried.  If any Landy widows are out there… perhaps we could set up a support group?!

Meanwhile it took three attempts for Jimmy the Kangoo to pass his legal roadworthy test.. and we failed miserably to sell him on.  So he stayed. And remains part of this crazy family  and our back up for if,  but more likely when, Khaleesi needs off-road attention.

“But what about Sir Maxelot?”  I hear his worldwide fans asking! 

Well… this special soul has been through a bit of a dip but he’s doing well.  He spends most of his days asleep and he’s developed an unsociable habit of wanting to go out in the middle of the night around 3am.  He comes up to the side of the bed (luckily MGM’s side) and huffs and puffs until we get the message that it’s time we escorted him round a couple of terraces.  When you all live in one room… there’s no escaping each other!  So my hero man, has been going for mid night wanders, half asleep while Sir Maxelot gets increasingly excited by the smell of Mrs Fox being invisibly somewhere around. He’s one very special dog… the cruelty of his racing background is the reason for his emotional challenges, dips and grumps… and all we can do is give him more love and more importantly, lots of space and quiet…  and we’re here for him when he wants us!  What a boy… what a boy.  What a prince. 💜



So, as the summer sun begins to strengthen and I get back into the swing of regularly blogging our Namaste This adventures… I’ll leave you with the amazing lenticular clouds that form over the mountains when the windy conditions are in perfect alignment…


and the stunning rainbow that formed right in front of our wee house… just when we needed a reminder that everything was going to be ok… especially when the Khaleesi’s documents still hadn’t arrived back from ‘Traffico’ and my Spanish driving license seems to have fallen into the bottomless pit of thousands of expats racing for full residency status thanks to the farce, otherwise known as Brexit.


But the absolute frikking miracle of all miracles is…
that we now have…
wait for it…
unlimited internet!



Yes… this little dish has changed our lives… it’s the only one that could just get enough of the signal from Lanjarón masts… so we can now surf, stream, download, upload, join online events and basically do all things internety without racking up hugely scary monthly data bills. 

Life changing.  Miraculous. 

Thank you Universe! 

And also thank you Sarah Griffiths, The Wheelie Momma for helping us manifest it!


So that’s it for now! 

Hasta Luego my lovely friends… see you all again soon!






Friday 18th October – Monday 21st October 2019

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Giant Toads, Microphones, LOVE and the Lost Blog

If you follow my Namaste This Blog Facebook page, you’ll know that there’s been a bit of a blog hiccup and mystery.  A complete and utter mystery that hasn’t been solved… resolved… understood… or even fully accepted.  It’s been a while since I posted a full blog, because somehow… the 2500 words that I’d been writing and editing for well over a week… simply disappeared.  In fact it’s worse than that.  I’d finished it at midnight with a satisfied sigh… thought about copying and pasting it into the webpage, ready to format in the morning… but I was so tired, I thought… “Nah… just stop now Sally and come back to it when you’re fresh.”  So I closed my laptop and quickly fell in a deep sleep.

In the morning… I had to do a quick reboot and the blog has never reappeared.  WTF?  I’d been in and out of that document so many times.  Yes, it had been titled and saved.  Nope, I don’t use the Cloud but now wish I did.  And My Gorgeous Man spent a whole day trying to find the impossible.

Namaste This being written on the roof with our stunning view...
Bragging on the Namaste This Blog Facebook page that I was about to publish…

It had quite simply… Vanished. It was Gone.  And it was Nowhere to be found.

But…. HOW????

I’ll admit that I was gutted… and it’s taken me a good week to build up the energy to start afresh.  I love writing these blogs… I really do… but I’ll openly admit that the effects of the menopause are totally dicking about with my energy levels and whereas I could go on the laptop and feel inspired and be creatively all fired up and sharing all day… and see reflexology clients… and be online for my Channelling Love clients… and live my life… I’m having to accept that I can’t do all of it, all the time, anymore.  My energy is more of a damp squib than a jet fuelled rocket.  It’s become a huge lesson of self acceptance and allowing.  I don’t actually mind about my age… to me, my age is just a number  that certainly doesn’t reflect how I feel inside… and it certainly doesn’t define me… but what my body is experiencing through this period of change… is real and tangible… and admittedly a bit of a shock.

Anyhoo… that frikking document still hasn’t been found.  So I’m letting it go… and starting anew.

So… what’s been going on in the Alpujarras recently?  Well, it’s been all about the Alpujarra!

My Gorgeous Man and I handed over our official complaints to the council against the proposed giant electricity highway and pylons through the Alpujarras,  just before the 7th March 2019 deadline… and it was like a weight was lifted off us.  If you’ve missed that story… head back to my blog ‘Say YES to the Alpujarra and No to Pylons’ as our local community discovered plans that meant that up to an 80m pylon could be built just 250m from our magical wee hoose… not on our land… but looming over us, all the same. 

There’s been an immense and still growing movement called ‘Dí No A Las Torres/ Say No to the Towers’ to protest against it in all ways that we can… and to be honest, the whole situation has been over ruling and over shadowing our life since we found out about it, a couple of months ago.

But there have been some amazing synchronicities to come out of it too… one of which, as you know, led me to creating the ‘Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth’ global healing event.  Just like our move to Spain, which spiralled through inexplicable miracles… so my local healing meditation to support the Alpujarra through love,  grew into a global healing… which took place on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

And what a build up there was to that! 

Me and Birgit Morayma Harp!
Me and Birgit Morayma Harp!

Birgit Morayma Harp, my dear friend, fellow healer and co-host of ‘Say YES,’ and I created the Facebook event… we shared it, shared it and shared it some more… we asked people who felt the call,  to also share it… I made flyers, printed them up and put them in our car and around town… which truth be told, I found hugely challenging to my unknown shy and hermit type nature.  It’s funny how I can livestream out to the world no problem… but to be seen putting up flyers in cafes and local noticeboards, really triggered my old patterns of not wanting to get in ‘trouble’ or create a scene.  This whole process has been such a personal learning curve and I’m so grateful for all the triggers, challenges and gifts that have come through it.

Share! Share! Share! And Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth!

There’ve also been some darkly amusing, and ‘non spiritual’ moments behind the scenes too.

Birgit and I had soon realised that we would need a microphone in case a whole load of people turned up.  So our next step was to find one.  “Aha!  What about Matt Blackie?  He’s an amazing sound technician, music creator, mixer, producer, techie understander and fixer and all round great guy… maybe he’ll lend us one?”

His answer was “Absolutely!”

My answer was “YAY!” 

The flow was flowing!

I was also delighted to be invited to appear on the amazing Martin McNicholl’s livestream show to talk about ‘Say YES’ and to share an impromptu healing for Gaia.  Martin has a huge worldwide following and it was great to spread awareness of what’s happening here, receive even more support for the actual healing event…. and share some fun and LOVE!

It was a couple of days later though when My ever practical Gorgeous Man burst my fragile little bubble a bit when he asked how we were going to power the microphone and amplifier.



The irony of needing electricity to run the microphone when we were effectively protesting (through LOVE) against an electricity highway, wasn’t lost on us.  And just to clarify… this highway isn’t bringing any electricity into the Alpujarras… it’s taking the power from Morocco to France.  It’s a pure money making fest for the private Spanish electricity company REE. 

Take a deep breath Sally… 
Say no more. 
And breathe again. 
Share LOVE not anger!

So, even with a microphone and amplifier, we still had to get creative.  The area down by the Rio Guadelfeo river at the Seven Eye Bridge that we’d chosen, didn’t have any nearby houses or plug in possibilities because Birgit and I had wanted to be in nature as much as possible… and yet still be easily accessible to people coming from Órgiva.

Now, because our wee hoose is off-grid and we have solar power… that also means we have a back up generator… and it’s portable… so we knew we could use that.  But the thing is, it makes a hell of a noise.  Just think of fairground rides and all those motors running in the background.  That’s what it sounds like.  So it wasn’t really supportive of a peaceful, meditative, healing event…. all the love vibes, and sounds of nature would be drowned out and nerves would most definitely be set a jangling by the rough engine noise, probably also accompanied by fumes of its fuelling petrol wafting on by.

So… what about extension cables?  How much would we need to not hear the generator?  A LOT.  We only have short domestic ones… Birgit had a 20m one and a 10m one… but who would have longer extension cables?  Why… Bernard our dear friend at The Orgiva Tea Gardens, of course!  We reached out to him and hey presto, he lent us two 50m cable drums with plugs!  YAY!

This is one of the really wonderful things we LOVE about living here.  There is a real sense of community… people help each other out!

But would 100 meters be enough?  Well, the only way was to experiment.  Once we got the cables home, we plugged them into our generator by the hoose and we started unrolling them.  Unrolling them.  And unrolling them.  Up along our track.  And up round the big corner towards what we call our giant whispering pine tree… and I finally felt the pull of it coming to its end. 

Then things just got plain weird.

I plugged my hairdryer in.  

It was the only way to test the strength of power, against the only appliance that still trips our whole solar power system.  If the generator could support running my hairdryer, then it could support the microphone that we couldn’t pick up till the day before the event.  And as MGM likes to have everything planned, aligned and sorted, it was my hairdryer that got put to work.

It was a bizarre moment when the generator was powered up… and my hairdryer roared into action, outside and half way up the mountain.  But it was also a moment of relief… because not only did it keep on blowing, but the noise of the generator was obviously somewhat dulled by going round the corner and it wasn’t too bad at all.  MGM and I confirmed the fairly positive results through WhatsApp as we couldn’t see each other round the corner and standing next to the generator he couldn’t hear a thing anyway.  We heaved another joint sigh of relief and then packed up our successful little trial.

Being the super duper tech manager and hero that My Gorgeous Man is…  more planning was still needed.  MGM wanted to see where Birgit and I had chosen to hold the healing meditation and see where he could actually park up the car with the generator… and if the 100m extension would be enough distance to not hear it in those surroundings.  So the afternoon before the event, we drove down to the river and tried out… and paced out… and did a lot of “What about this… and what about that… and what if this… and what if that…”  We eventually decided that using the actual bridge wall as a buffer would be pretty damn perfect… and so that turned into our Plan A. 

Job done.

The magical spot for Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth!
The magical spot for Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth!

It was while we were still standing on the little river island which Birgit and I had chosen as our spot for the gathering, that My Gorgeous Man started spluttering in excitement saying “Look!  Look!  LOOOOOK!!!!”  waving and pointing and gesticulating across to the other side of the river.  And as I turned round… 

The Universe sent us a sign!

Four wild boar were running along the river bank with their tails straight up in the air!  We couldn’t believe our eyes!  The only boar I’ve seen here was in the black of night when it gave me a heart attack running across the road in front of me as I drove back from dropping MGM off at Malaga airport.  You never see wild boar during the day… and as far as I know… to see four at once was even more rare.

It felt like a miracle!

When we got home, I went straight in to google the spiritual symbology of the wild boar… and I was amazed…  its primary meaning is COURAGE. 

And it couldn’t have been more apt!

I felt like the Universe was saying… “Stay strong!  Stand Strong!  Be Brave!  Keep Going!  Hold your Power Against the Pylons”… and… “You’re doing the right thing holding ‘Say YES to the Alpujarras and Mother Earth’ despite your nerves.”  I had nerves because I had been on the receiving end of some critical comments, that I’d let get under my skin the week before. 

But in that moment, I felt hugged and reassured. 


So, Saturday 2nd March,  finally dawned for ‘Say YES!’  which you may have noticed that I’ve now shortened to make my typing, and your reading, easier.  I had massive butterflies… wavering between excitement and terror which I found rather strange because I have happily channelled live and in person for an audience of over 100 people before… so why was I nervous this time?  Don’t know… so, I had to just let it be and let it go.

MGM and I went down to the river early, to make sure there were no last minute panics.  Which is just as well, because… you guessed it, there were!

First point being that an old boy had set himself up just where we were going to park the car and generator.  Plan A was binned before we even started.  So a new position in the opposite direction had to be experimented on… which meant I lost time in my energy preparation and composure building.  Then, in the laying out of the cables and stretching them over the tiny stream inlet to get to the perfect island spot that we had chosen… the cables somehow got completely and utterly tangled up.  This too is a mystery as to how that happened.  I could sense and feel the pressure rising in MGM’s veins.  And the more he tried to untangle the mess… the more tangled it got.  I had to walk away and ‘go Zen.’  Unfortunately, ‘Going Zen,’ in that moment didn’t help because I missed the cable drum slipping down the little slope and into the water.  And yes… the plugs in the drum got wet.  Panicked shouting filtered through the calming music in my headphones and I was brought into slow motion action trying to pull the drum out of the water without drowning and filling my favourite fleecy boots.  Now steam was most definitely coming out of MGM’s ears. 

“It won’t work now!!!!”  Cue rapid shaking, more shaking, hitting, rubbing it over the grass and laying the drum out with its plugs facing up to the sun to dry.  

My only response was to completely try and disengage from the whole drama and say “Well, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.  There’s nothing we can do about it.” … while inside I my stress levels were being majorly triggered.

I sent a silent, and very unspiritual prayer up to the Universe to get it sorted. 
As in NOW.

As I sent up my fervent prayer…  Birgit arrived… and we hugged and set about focusing on setting up our space and getting into the zone.

We set up my phone for the livestream… an altar for people to place their stones, flowers and objects from their homes and land… and basically handed over to the Universe.  Did we know how many people would turn up?  Not a clue!  Did we know how it would actually unfold?  No!  Did we know that following the Universal prompts to share this healing for the Alpujarras through LOVE was absolutely the right thing to do?  YES!!

And did the full length of cables work?  YES!!!  Of course they did!  And we couldn’t even hear the generator from the new, perfect spot that the Universe had pushed us into using.

You see!  The Universe always knows best! Trust!

MGM had quickly regained his composure and peace reigned… he was standing up by the small road, waiting for our signal to turn the generator on, which he would run along to further down the road, so we could turn the microphone on and start… but we were slightly delayed by a friend driving by who stopped by MGM, wound the window down for what felt like some lengthy man chats… so MGM couldn’t actually see us waving at him!  But this did create more time for more people to arrive… so everything was in complete Divine order… again!

Beautiful souls, gathering in LOVE!

Birgit made the introductions in Spanish and English and then I shared the healing in English.  We had received some criticism that I wasn’t sharing in Spanish too.  I get it, I totally get it… but while I do speak Spanish (and am fluent in Portuguese and I trained to interpreter level many years ago in French and Italian… yup, my ego just had to share that!) … I am not yet confident enough to lead a healing, without my Spanish becoming a distraction rather than enhancement.  

My heartfelt intent was that the healing, working through the energy of LOVE, would unite us and take us beyond words… and also on a more practical level, Órgiva and the Alpujarras are home to such an international community, English is already widely used. I have taken the criticism onboard and private lessons have been arranged.

I’ll let the video of ‘Say YES’ speak for itself…

We were delighted that around 35 lovely souls joined us… and through the livestream we had many more joining from their corners of the world.  The healing to raise the vibration of the Alpujarras and protect it from the lower, heavier energy around the pylons, had grown into a web of light, anchoring more love into all those different countries.  We had participants in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belguim, Fiji, Hong Kong, Spain, France and more!

The power of LOVE is magnified through unity… LOVE is the energy force that heals, clears, dissolves, unblocks, enlightens, awakens, transforms, shifts and ‘all things positive’…. and this is how we can heal, protect and help our beautiful Mother Earth against the many challenges she is facing just now.

I got some lovely messages afterwards to say how much they felt the energy and healing… and for this, we were truly touched.  What had surprised me though, was that the galactic collective that works through me, hadn’t stayed as long as normal, and I hadn’t felt them as strongly as I normally feel them.   But funnily enough, only about 10 minutes after we’d finished, a family and kids arrived to play by the river… it’s a very popular spot… rapidly followed by the local shepherd along with his flock of sheep and pack of dogs!  If this had happened during the healing, then it would have all have become very ‘interesting’ indeed!


We did nonetheless enjoy the unexpected spectacle of the wandering flock, and laughed at the randomness and unpredictable flow of life in the Alpujarra… and we gave loads of love to the giant mastiff dogs!

As a healer who works a lot with animals Birgit’s energy always calls them in!

So again… everything had been in Divine Order even if my mind had doubted! 

MGM was a whizz at tidying up while Birgit and I chatted to those that had joined us, and before we knew it, we’d packed up and driven up to what’s called ‘Bottom Camping’ and were knocking back a naughty glass of coke.  Well, I drank the coke, Birgit drank a tonic… and MGM did 2 bottles of coke… and we all dove into a ‘come down’ carb fest of a lunch, before heading our separate ways home.

WOW.  We’d done it!  

Once home, I promptly fell asleep.

The next day I was ‘duvet day’ bound… I felt wiped… and literally lounged around and indulgently watched the fifth series of Homeland.  Sir Maxelot kept me company from his bed and we justified our laziness through each other.  It was interspecies bonding at its best.

Duvet Day!
Duvet Day!

Now, our wee hoose could be described as a studio flat with a bathroom on the side… so while lying in bed, we had left the back door open, because it is literally at the bottom of the bed… and I was able to enjoy the fresh air and sun streaming in throughout the day, without even stepping outside.

But it was later that night that I got the fright of my life.  I was walking all of 2 steps to the bathroom when I saw something move out the corner of my eye… and I could hardly believe it!  It was my turn to splutter, “Look!  Look!  LOOOOOK!’   

And there in the broken bottom drawer where I keep my less used clothes, was the infamous and still, very humungous, Mr Toad.

Mr Toad!

Yup… Mr Toad must have sauntered in at some point during the day, and Sir Maxelot and I had been completely oblivious.  Mr Toad had made himself very comfortable up next to my fleecy leopard print PJs that had been on special offer in Asda before we left the UK.  They are incredibly comfy and warm and all things cozy… but I was a bit perturbed that Mr Toad had helped himself to them, I have to say.

Well, of course, we had to lovingly remove Mr Toad, without freaking him out… and do it without Sir Maxelot noticing and coming over to take an interest.  Toads can be poisonous so our hearts did beat a little bit faster during the relocation manoeuvres.   We took him, still in the broken drawer, still clinging to my PJs down to the acequia water channel which wasn’t running, but where we have seen him before… and we had to really encourage him to let go.  I actually felt for him… he’d found a pretty amazing warm spot and now he was being forced out into the cold black of night.  But… it had to be done. Such is life in the campo.

Time to Remove Mr Toad!
Time to remove Mr Toad!

Toads aside, life weirdly felt a bit ‘empty after ‘Say YES’ was over… but the truth is… it’s anything but over!  Birgit and I will continue to hold monthly healings for the Alpujarra and Mother Earth!  As far as we’re concerned, the healing has only just begun and every event we share will amplify, strengthen and anchor even more high vibrational healing, light and love into the Alpujarra and Mother Earth.  And we will continue to livestream them aswell so everyone can join us to receive healing… and participate in a global healing through LOVE.  And we’ll keep learning through it all too!  Each event will be unique and as the summer heat sets in, we’ll be moving into the shade!

Both of us feel VERY strongly that this healing must be maintained and continued.  Just because the legal deadline for written protests has passed… doesn’t mean that it’s over.  If anything, we have to energetically magnify the positive outcome even more and keep this high vibration and focus strong and clear! 

The message of COURAGE from the wild boar continues to ring through our hearts!

So we invite you to join us on Saturday 30th March 2019
12pm Spanish time
for the next

‘Say YES to the Alpujarra and Mother Earth’ healing event!

AND… as I write this… I’m very excited to say that we have invested in a portable microphone and amplifier kit… that runs from batteries… so no more cables or generators!  MGM… you’re off that tech hook!

In the meantime, this past week has still been a bit of whirlwind… while I’ve been reeling from the loss of the last blog, and moving through my menopausal meltdowns (now rebranded ‘upgrades’ to shift the struggle into empowerment!) MGM has been very busy pruning the olive trees in preparation for a good harvest in a couple of years… there’s been lots of wood chopping and stacking of our wood for burning next winter… there’s been more baked potatoes in the bonfires made out of the excess olive branches and leaves… there’s been the digging of the new trial vegetable patch… we’ve successfully filled our water deposit from the acequia water channels without the assistance of our trusted Angel Aaron… although a there was a bit of neighbourly interference with a flying plastic bottle seemingly thrown through the black of night, which shook our nerves, more than a bit… and the small 1000L water storage cube has been wrapped in black plastic to keep the back up stored water fresh and algae free.

And next week, Friday 22nd March sees the start of my Open Your Cosmic Heart Retreat with the amazingly, awesomely beautiful presence of Seanin Banrion, here in the Alpujarra.  We have women coming from the USA and the UK to join us for a long weekend of inner transformation through channelled love, light language, intuitive wisdom, great food, gorgeous surrounds and a whole lot of ‘sisterhood’.  Again… the power of LOVE heals, transforms and awakens.  Watch out for the photos… and dates for our next retreat this autumn!

Open Your Cosmic Heart Retreat with myself and Seanin Banrion

Oh and I’ve also been juicing!  Thank you to the Juice Master himself, Jason Vale for his recipes… he’s my ‘go-to’ for a healthy detox and to drop the weight from indulging in too many croissants with melted cheese at Galindo’s on the high street… and the infamous donuts at Buñuelos. The pure nutritional boost always helps bring me back into physical strength…. and now more than ever, my body needs the support through the hormonal roller coaster of slowly arriving into my ‘wise old crone’ years.  Only three days juicing works miracles… it really does!

If you’ve read this far… congratulations!  And THANK YOU!

And for now… I’m going to leave you with a great big hug and I look forward to seeing you next time round.

Hasta Luego my lovely friends!


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Brexit, Bureaucracy & YES to the Alpujarras…

Over the last couple of days in the Alpujarra… it’s been a cyclone of ‘stuff’… a flow that turned into a familiar torrent of tangents… as is the way that life tends to be up here in these energy infused mountains.

So to start off… let’s say that B word.  Brexit.  Oh Dear God.  Who to believe.  What to believe.  What to do and when to do it.  Thankfully I now have my residency (and yes… I’ve still to share that story!!)… but the latest mad rush is to now get our UK driving licenses exchanged to a Spanish ones… because if UK isn’t part of the EU next month then we may well have to take the Spanish driving test.  Seriously… who knows what the heck is going to happen but I’m not taking that risk… so I started the process.  And it turns out you need a medical, another document of this and that and copies and photos and certificate and then it all has to be taken to the equivalent of the DVLA in Granada… which by all accounts is a test of faith, patience and perseverance… and a need for verbal fluency.

So I opted for the safe option and Alpujarra Conect are sorting it out once I’ve got all my bits, bobs and ducks in a row.  The medical check up was interesting though.  And with google translate on hand I managed to press the right button to show I had safe co-ordination and acceptable spacial awareness… from both the left and the right… and I managed to read the first few letters of the bottom line of the eye sight test before being interrupted and boxes being ticked and tapped into the computer.  Then while I was waiting for the  ‘I’m medically safe to drive’ document to come through at the reception desk, which was meant to be only 10 minutes and yet 45 minutes later I’m still standing there with rather tired legs and a jaded accepting smile on my face, I met a couple who where doing the exact same thing… .although they’ve been resident here for a much longer time.. .and they have rescue donkeys… which I’ve already fallen in love with, without even meeting them.

I’ve also had to go into Lanjarón town council to register there as a resident… because before, I’ve been registered in Orgiva, because that’s where we were registered as renting for our first year, but that apparently doesn’t cut it anymore.  That was fun.  I’ve no idea how I managed to understand what on earth she was saying as we handed over the copy of our escritura (deeds) and she went through them with a micro-microscope… at one point asking me where my name was and giving me a heart attack.  But we got there in the end and I was promised it would be ready by the next day… which is good… because I needed that document to proceed with exchanging to a Spanish driving license.

The last few days have also seen me step up and take on the role of leading a global healing event,  in Órgiva to support our fight against the proposed pylons through the area.  I don’t want every post that I share here to now be about the pylons… because our life goes on around this… but nevertheless… it’s what we’re all moving through now… and facing.  So, I’ve put out the call for people to come together in love to raise the vibration around the situation… and anchor more light into Mother Earth to help support the defeat of the electricity conglomerate. 

The ‘Say YES to the Alpujarras and Mother Earth’ event is on Saturday 2nd March at 12pm… click HERE to find out more!

In fact, last night we were in Lanjaron at a meeting that was held underneath the Municipal Market in a great meeting space with red cinema-like comfy chairs and stage.  We saw our friends from further down the mountain who are also directly affected… and there was a good sense of community and of everyone submitting the personal complaint to register their objection and ‘Di No A Las Torres!’  What was great, was that we saw our direct neighbour, who we haven’t seen since before Christmas.  He is a real old character… a smaller, possibly unhinged (if local gossip is to be believed) version of Santa Claus, with a bright twinkle in his eye… holes in his jumper and his permanent woolly hat.  Despite the language barrier, we have a great ‘non speaking relationship’… but he has such a thick Andalucian accent so I haven’t a hope of understanding a word of what he says.  But, he is welcoming and friendly… and he has been helpful… and we now feel quite protective of him! 

Luckily, last night, Lucy was there.  Lucy’s Lanjarón’s official bi-lingual bridge between the ex-pat community and the council, so she very kindly stepped in to help translate so we could have a conversation with Cristoba.  Things like… are we going to use the shared chain, padlock and keys across the track entrance which had disappeared over night a couple of months ago… and then he was telling us about some dodgy peeps not to trust… and that he’s delighted to have us there as neighbours to his land… even though he doesn’t live on the land… and the natural water storage area behind the wall that got totally flooded and ruined years ago… and… he said he really liked what we were doing with the land!   Thank goodness for Lucy… there was a lot clarified that had been hanging over us… and we felt great for having seen him again.

After the meeting we headed straight to the nearest bar with our friends from further down the mountain and we all numbed our ‘pyloned’ nerves… and can you believe it… we met another couple from Edinburgh who live here!  It’s a very, very small world indeed.  Despite the circumstances of us meeting… it was a great end to an evening that started off infused with the lower vibes of worry.

This morning I put the laptop down and went and helped My Gorgeous Man… Build Fire and Burn!

All the lovingly pruned trees and preparing them for abundant olive production next year, means that huge piles of branches have been building up that needed to be set free through fire.  You can’t leave cut olive branches lying around as there’s an insect or bug that I don’t know the name of that can cause havoc with your trees… so we’re making sure that doesn’t happen here in our magical kingdom.

So after a satisfying morning of dragging branches, fire building, dragging more branches, fire monitoring, tidying up and dropping our potatoes into the ashes to bake… I headed back into Lanjarón to pick up the ‘Empadronamiento’ document… parking conveniently just outside the supermarket and diving in to check if any of Sir Maxelot’s favourite chicken pate was back in stock… but it wasn’t… and I ended up buying other options to make sure his Lordship didn’t have to go without… and by the time I made it into the council offices with all possible lines in Spanish, perfectly lined up in my head… I was told that the document wasn’t ready because her colleague was off sick, with sick kids and she was holding the fort but didn’t have enough arms and legs to cover all bases.  In her defence, she had phoned me to say not to come in… but I don’t like answering my Spanish phone incase I don’t understand what’s coming down ‘the line’… so… I hadn’t picked up.  Friday’s the day apparently.  I really must be more courageous in answering my phone!

But I still had to go back in the other direction and on to Órgiva, as the documentation for our new car insurance was to be completed and paid for.  Again, I had the conversation all lined up in my head… but again, the insurance wasn’t done… because there was a signature missing on each page… the pages they’d seen yesterday and given the thumbs up to… but they’d only taken a copy of the front page and that wasn’t valid enough for head office… which needed the back page where my signature was clearly there.  

Deep breath.  Ooooooookaaaay.

So, more copies taken… cash payment handed over and apparently Bob was my Uncle… and all the policy documents would be sent to Alpujarra Conect… but I was insured.  I think.  Probably.  Yes definitely.  Ok then.  But My Gorgeous Man wasn’t.  Because he needed his NIE number, and his appointment isn’t till later in March which had been arranged while he was in Dubai…. under the panic stress of Brexit.   But now that My Hero is back, and because there’s such a rush to get ‘legal’… there aren’t any closer appointments… unless you pay through the nose for them. 

So after much wasted emotion rallying against what was… we gave up the fight, got our BFF the credit card out and paid.  Thank you credit card.  Because My Gorgeous Man needs to be on the insurance and be able to drive.  The last insurance company weirdly weren’t bothered… but this one is… and there’s a list of reasons that we’ve changed insurers that are way too boring to share here.  But the main thing is that MGM will have his NIE number on Friday!  Yay!  We must celebrate at the beach bar that I went to when my residency went through!  

After the insurance and town council escapades, and having achieved very little of what was supposed to be an afternoon of completion… I went to the nearest bar and ordered… a coffee.  I was wiped. 

Healing coffee for all the bureaucracy....
So many documents…

And I had an hour to fill before doing an in person Oracle card reading.  The coffee helped, but what I really wanted was a power nap… so I drove down to the river by the Seven Eye Bridge… briefly getting caught in a sheep and goat traffic jam…and as soon as I pulled up by the river I basically fell asleep under the eaves of the stunning Sierra Lujar mountain.  Well… of course I overslept… very, very unusual for me… and I woke up when I was supposed to be arriving at the house for the reading.  Luckily… it was only a 10 minute drive away… and I was ooooooh so grateful for ‘Spanish time keeping’ making me look as if I was bang on the minute.

The reading was such an honour… and I spent way longer than I planned with her… but when the energy is flowing and the healing and insight is there… for me, this is what my work is all about.   

By the time I got home… the sun was beginning to set and I was treated to spectacular views, with the golden light and clouds over the mountain tops… and I met My Gorgeous Man being taken for a wander along our track by Sir Maxelot.  What a handsome pair they were. 

Burnt home, fire baked potatoes…

My heart swelled with love and gratitude as I saw them so happy and content together.  Back in the house My Hero Man had remembered our baked potatoes…. 7 hours after planting them in the fire… and he proudly offered me his burnt out gifts wrapped in foil.  But after a long day we both needed more than some burnt skins so he set to making one of his special curry experiments.  And I headed up to the roof to relax, breathe, let the day go… and revel in the setting sun.

My Gorgeous Man & Sir Maxelot...
My boys…

What a stunning sunset it was… Mother Earth and nature are my healers… time stopped as I dropped into the bliss of simply being in gratitude, awe and appreciation of what was around me.

It’s these moments that are so precious in life.  It’s these moments that offer us glimpses of Oneness… with a love that comes from nowhere filling us from top to toe… and which needs no explanation or description.  It’s simply love.

And through that love, I received an invitation to join Martin McNicholl on his daily livestream “New Earth Mystery School Empowerment Hour” show on Friday 22nd February at 4.44 GMT to talk about the  pylons and our movement to heal the world through LOVE.

Basking in the glow of the sunset...
Basking in the glow of the sunset…

This is the power of the flow… and of living from your heart.  Doors open, help comes in… and miracles can become your reality.

Hasta Luego my lovelies, 


You can sign the petition against the pylons HERE and help us save the the stunning Alpujarras! We only have till the 7th March 2019 to register our protest!

You can help us by sending in your own ‘allegation’ even if you aren’t resident here. Every complaint has to be addressed and personally answered, and not only will it show the extent the Alpujarra protest, it will overload the council system and give the lawyers and working platforms more time!

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Saying YES to the Alpujarras – and NO to Pylons…

Yesterday in the Alpujarras… it was a whirlwind of activity… gorgeous clear blue skies… and a very unexpected conversation from the other side of the world!

Some of you may not know about the situation we are facing here in the Alpujarras. It’s come to light that the Spanish electricity company REE has for years, been planning a highway of high voltage cables and pylons to go through Spain and on into France… and that means coming right through our area of the Alpujarras… with the very short version being that an 80m high pylon is proposed to be built only 250m away from our house, just at the end of our track. I’ve livestreamed about it on my personal Facebook page, and that video now has over 2.4k viewings… I’m posting about it… sharing it where I can to raise awareness and support… and it’s admittedly all been very worrying and very real…


I’m not going to let it consume me or pull me out of the absolute magic of the moment and the fact that me and My Gorgeous Man are still living in the magical, miracle home that we manifested… and that we absolutely LOVE it here!

So yesterday morning I was pottering around online when I received a surprise call from the inspirational souls that are Glynne Rae and Nicky Hamid in New Zealand, global leaders in living through love and humanity’s conscious awakening.  They were supporting my livestream call for help… planting the seed of an idea and giving me a loving kick up the butt. They pushed me into action!

The full details on this will be shared very shortly, as it’s all come together in a wonderfully fast flow… and it involves a gathering of hearts, in person and online, to open our hearts, raise our vibration to focus on the highest outcome and the protection of this area while immersing in the powerful galactic energy of the Universe and the Star Beings that work through me. Through the power of love we will to shift the vibration of this situation and release the fear, release the low vibes and release all possibility of it ever happening… and anchor more light and love into the Alpujarras and our beautiful world through all the souls that join us.

I was initially terrified at the thought of stepping up and leading the way… but now I’m excited, inspired and all fired up!

Just as I was finishing talking to Glynne and Nicky… in stomps My Gorgeous Man from outside, trailing in the dirt and yet another basket of wood for the fire… after having picked up our ‘builder and all round miracle worker, translater, fixer, acequia manager, tree doctor friend’, Angel Aaron from the end of the track… who’d come armed with chainsaw, fuel, giant secateurs and a great big happy smile.

Yup… the boys’ reunion was well underway and the beer was chilling in the fridge. Yesterday was the day for pruning back the olive and citrus trees so that we can bring them back to health and abundant production. We have around 90 olive trees on our land and when they are back in shape, we will be able to make our own olive oil and enjoy a seasonal income from them. But after over 5 years of abandonment while this house stood empty, some of the trees had fallen into bad shape… and as much as I find pruning very difficult to witness, I knew it was needed. Angel Aaron was under strict instructions and he assured me that he would be pruning them back with love, compassion and awareness. And I trusted him.

It didn’t sound like it though once the chainsaw was up and running… reverberating around our magical dingly-dell and it rang out on what felt like every single one of my nerve endings.

I breathed my way through it for a while and then decided to leave the men to it… and headed into Lanjarón to pick up some lunch for the workers… except by the time I’d got there, I got a call asking if the hardware store was open… because the chain on the chainsaw had broken and could I come back as quick as possible so that no time was lost.

So I ran round the supermarket… unknowingly at that point, forgetting Sir Maxelot’s chicken… and raced home as much as Jimmy our Kangoo would let me… especially along the 2.5km track where second gear feels too fast and you’re being thrown around the bumps, dips, stones, holes and holding your breath going past the death drop.

After dumping the shopping, poking the fire into action again, giving Sir Maxelot yet another ‘we’re just going out for a while biscuit’.. not unpacking the shopping and boosting the fire that really didn’t want to get going… again… we all jumped back into Jimmy and headed, this time, into Órgiva, where it had been decided that the chainsaw would be more easily repaired on the spot.

Amazingly there was a very rare parking space right on the corner of the hardware Hursquvarna store, so MGM swerved across the road straight into it and stopped right in front of the great big mowers that were out on show on the road. The chainsaw was dropped off and we all dove into the bar next door and hauled our asses up onto the stools… pre-lunch beer was ordered for the boys and a coffee with an exceptionally overly sweet piece of chocolate naughtiness was ordered for this girl.

Beer, coffee, sweet and savoury... pure naughtiness...
Beer, coffee, sweet and savoury… pure naughtiness…

It was an hour of banter, laughter, camaraderie, friendship, positivity and it highlighted again, how much we love it here and how we’ve really found ‘family’. Mid coffees, I realised I’d forgotten Sir Maxelot’s chicken, so headed down to the supermarket further along the road… picked up the awfulness of a bottle of Coke for the boys and once back in the bar on my stool with the remnants of my tepid coffee being enjoyed, I realised that I’d forgotten Sir Maxelot’s chicken… again. Brain like a sieve at the moment… it’s called the menopause.

In that little time that I’d been down at the supermarket, My Gorgeous Man had been introduced to the infamous Bar Cañada’s tapas of fried potatoes covered in ‘alioli’… creamy garlic buttery sauce… with added spicy ketchup… MGM and Angel Aaron were grinning from ear to ear. It was rather delicious… and rather garlicy. I think we’ll be going back for more. Soon.

Back in the car… chainsaw fixed with new sharp chain bit and off we headed home. Only 6km along the smooth main road… marvelling at the views of Sierra Lujar… and affirming that the pylons simply won’t be coming here… we headed back along the track which for the fourth time in one morning for me, felt interminably bumpy, rocky, crazy, dear God hold onto your hat and anything you can actually hold onto, before safely making it back to our heart’s kingdom on the side of the hill.

MGM & Angel Aaron…

The boys carried on giving the trees their new energy infused haircuts… moving down onto the lower terrace where the mandarin and lemon trees are… MGM dug a channel so the water from our main acequia can reach the lower terrace… and I surprised myself at how much I liked the newly pruned looks. Angel Aaron was right… he had removed the dead branches and very young sprouts… and created super strong, clear space for the branches to stretch out and thrive. The trees actually felt relieved. Phew. And YAY!

Then all of a sudden there was a disturbing klinking clanking noise and some profound swearing. The chain had broken again. It seemed the Universe had most definitely called time on pruning.

The boys reluctantly packed up… refused my offer of homemade sandwiches and a wee refreshing can of ‘Alhambra cerveja’ on the terrace… and scooted very quickly off to their favourite haunt, Top Camping, for their favourite non veggie stew.

Returning inside, it was just me and Sir Maxelot… who was still very asleep… and the wood burning stove… which was still on a very stubborn ‘I’m not burning’ streak.

Sir Maxelot... just chillin'...
Sir Maxelot… just chillin’…

So I took advantage of the peace and quiet outside, without the chainsaw as background music… and shared another positive, upbeat livestream, rallying troops into positive high vibe presence to bring about change… no more fear around Pylons!

We can do this!

Then I picked up my laptop and started to write… and here I am still writing!

Tonight, I’m feeling so very blessed… there is positivity in the air… MGM came back and got the fire roaring (annoyingly wonderfully easily)… and we are feeling supported, held and protected by the Universe.

Everything is going to be A-OK. And so it is .

And if you’d like to lend your support and help us save our homes and this amazing area of Spain… please sign the petition to help stop the REE electricity highway coming through the Alpujarras…

THANK YOU … and Hasta Luego 😎


PS…. We have wild spring onions!!!

Wild Spring Onions!
Wild Spring Onions!

Wild Storms, Torn Dew Claws & Empathic Overwhelm

A break in the storm clouds...

I’ve always considered myself a strong, independent woman, deeply connected to the truth of what the Divine Feminine really means in a modern world….  but here’s a personal truth bomb…. I am sooo over being on my own up here in the Spanish Alpujarra mountains.  It’s been 6 weeks since My Gorgeous Man left to go and work in Dubai on a 3-5 month contract to get us out of the financial pit we found ourselves in after the palaver of bringing water onto our magical land brought us to our knees.

And all I can say is ‘Thank God, thank the Universe, thank all things wuwu, thank all things destined, not destined fated or not’… because I am over being strong in that old masculine paradigm of strong… and I want my man back here.  And I want him back here Now.  So I don’t know why I was surprised that the Universe heard my call… and answered it.  The Universe always answers… even if we don’t realise it at the time… but the main thing is that My Gorgeous Man is coming back home. I will however, have to hold it together for another 7 days 20 hours and a few more minutes tagged onto the end for increased suspense… until he lands back into Granada next week.  His contract role has not worked out for a long list of reasons… and I for one am counting the blessings that he’ll soon be home. Big lessons learned all round.

There are times when the money just isn’t worth it.

The last few days have been tough… spent in the throws of a storm where the wind has been continually blasting the house,  leaving my normally zen nerves rattled and my nights, sleepless as I try not to imagine the windows crashing in or the car being blown off the track… while I can hear all things not nailed down, moving around outside.  It’s been nighttime rounds of keep the fire going… check Max is warm enough… and checking the pilot light on the fridge hasn’t been blown out again. And it’s amazing how the mind super exaggerates everything in the black of night.  It’s been a test of trust and of consciously bringing myself back to focusing ONLY on the good and of not allowing my mind to get the better of me during the dark nights.  The ironic thing is that we are only 2.5km away from the main road, 2.6km away from a wonderful friend and 6km away from civilisation, but I might as well have felt as if I’ve been dropped on top of the north pole.

I know I’m probably coming across as overly dramatic, but that’s how it’s felt, especially when I cracked open the door the other morning and the iron gate was pulled out of my hand and slammed against the wall… then later on I could hardly get out of the car because the wind against the door was too strong… the bench and chairs on the terrace were picked up and thrown further along, the fence poles around the terrace were blown down, the washing line was shredded, the wood pile support which was held down and in place by a huge chunk of concrete, was thrown into the porch and the roof collapsed… and the 1000L water storage cube further up the track was blown off its platform.

So for a bit of light relief, I drove into Orgiva to pay my parking ticket before it doubled in price. It wasn’t a great start when I couldn’t even see how to get in through the bank door and I was feeling a right foreigner numpty … and even more so when a local pointed through the door at the entry buzzer right next to me… I waited ages… patiently… to see the one teller on duty and practiced scenarios of Spanish silently in my head while getting my glasses and google translate at the ready… I made it to the desk and cockily thought I was rocking it until the teller handed me back the parking ticket and money then got up and went and put his jacket on and started to walk out the bank… what the heck??? … but he turned round and beckoned me to follow him to the outside cash machine… where it was bloody freezing and he basically did the whole process for me… despite me not putting enough money in and having to restart… and continually misspelling my name through the ultra sensitive touch screen… with a queue building behind me. Then hey presto …. out comes a printed receipt and job done. He even smiled as I tried to enthuse more out of my meagre ‘muchas gracias’….

Note to self… do NOT park there again!

But I do have great news! Since the plumber came and replaced our big posh pump with a smaller version, the solar power system has not tripped… so that’s a whole week of not living on the edge of power outages and black outs and trips to the outdoor solar power room with keys in hand and a prayer in my heart that the light… and internet… will actually come back on.  I mean, how many times can you reset a system before it sticks its fingers up at you?!

I cannot fully express what a relief this has been!

The other challenge that has been going on in the background, is that Sir Maxelot has damaged his dew claw.  It has been agonising to watch him wince, yelp in pain… but to not let me near it.  Luckily, his naturopathic healer is our lovely friend Birgit, who lives those 2.6km away, so she immediately came to the rescue and brought him relief through remedies.  He was doing so well and was relaxed and settled… so much so that he forgot about his damaged claw and went into manic ear scratching mode … and his screams of pain totally finished me off last night.  So, I never made it to Spanish class, which also meant that I ran out of drinking water because the mountain spring we use is on the way into Lanjarón and I’d been waiting to tick all said boxes at once.

Being an empath, I feel the emotions and physical sensations of other sentient beings… be they human or animal.  And while I have lived comfortably with this for many a year and I no longer get overwhelmed by what I feel or pick up… in that moment I was totally ripped apart emotionally and energetically by Sir Maxelot’s scream.  

His claw was now at a right angle to his leg.  I was feeling sick, dizzy, panicky and totally lost my grounding as the cannon ball of pain hit my solar plexus and stayed there.  Normally I can clear what I pick up really quickly… but because I’d lost my centre… his pain, grew and grew inside of me.

I started loading him up with rescue remedy and gave him an extra dose of the appropriate remedy and I sat with him, stroking is head, calming him down and I just had to trust that healing was still able to move through me, despite my own distressed state.    I called My Gorgeous Man for support, which turned out to be as equally distressing for him to not be at home and able to help, but selfishly, I just needed someone to hold space for me.  We talked through the temporary options of trying to cover the claw, or protect it with homemade cones, or to put of sock over his foot… but every option just made me feel more sick and could actually do more harm than good.  It was about an hour later that I left Max’s side after the relaxation and pain remedies had kicked in, and when I moved, he sat up and started to lick his claw and it started to move back into place.  It churned my stomach.. but wow… what a star.

By that point I was a wreck and I did something I very rarely do.  I asked for help.  I’ve always found it hugely difficult to ask for help but I’m working on releasing those old self sabotage patterns!! So, I posted in my Channelling Love Membership group, asking the wonderful hearts and healers there for healing for myself and Sir Maxelot… to help release his pain from me that I couldn’t shift… and to help him in any way and all ways. 

Sir Maxelot this afternoon… in the flow of recovery…
Not at my best... but sharing the reality...
Not at my best… but sharing the reality…

This is the wonderful thing about community… beautiful souls responded straight away and I felt such an energetic shift move through me that I had to go lie down.  Energy healing is real.  We are beings of energy, not just a physical body with a thinking mind. And because we are energy, we can shift, release dis-ease, old toxic emotions, residual pain, belief patterns and all the crap that actually keeps us out of alignment and generally feeling yuk.  HUGE Thank you Seanin Banrion, who is the channel for the Cosmic Sophia and who I’m running a retreat with here in the Alpujarras in March… and thank you Jenny Slater, my dear friend and animal communicator who has a strong connection with Sir Maxelot… who were the two ‘first aiders’ on the ‘scene’…. I’m deeply grateful for your help.

Max and I were in ‘bed’ by 9pm… and by the time I woke up at 1.30am he was in a very comfortable deep sleep and it looked like he had licked his claw back into place.

I decided to occupy my mind and put my midnight hours to good use and created the newsletter around this weekend’s big channelling Peace of Heart event… and did some other stuff that took me through till 4.30am… when Max surfaced and asked to go out… with a waggy tail, ears up and very much alert.  He wasn’t so impressed with the wind when I opened the door, so it was a quick pit stop and then back to bed.

In the meantime my Gorgeous Man had sent a good morning message as he headed into his contrasting reality of corporate challenges and asked for good luck wishes and high vibes to speed him on his way… and then I collapsed back into bed and finally drifted off to sleep.

What I’ve had reaffirmed again and again over the last few days… is the power and gift of friends… the power of love… the power of trust… the power of our thoughts and the experience we choose to create through them… the deep connection that runs through us all… empaths or not… we are all connected through the Universal life force and LOVE… we are all sentient… we are all healers through our love…. and if that’s sounding all a bit too fluffy and wuwu for you… just take a deep breath… because the scientific world is finally catching up with us witches.

So… I am now back in my light… anchored in grounded presence… being myself… asking for help when I need it… and accepting help when I need it… and keeping on living my spiritual non fluffy truth.  As an awakened woman, being strong doesn’t come from standing alone, fighting your way through life and pretending you’re ok… it’s through standing in your truth and owning your vulnerability, being in alignment with your Divinity, your heart and your innate mystic wu… all within the power of love and within love of your tribe.

Hasta Luego my lovely friends… 😎


PS.  Sir Maxelot has licked his claw back into place… and breathe… and monitor… and send healing…. and repeat.

PPS.   It’s now only 7 days, 18 hours and 32 minutes till My Gorgeous Man arrives home… in fact it’s even less than that because I didn’t post this blog straight away… not that I’m counting the days hours and minutes… nope, I’m not counting at all…

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Divine Signs, Tears and a Parking Ticket…

The magic of Sir Maxelot...

Recently in the Alpujarras…

And breathe.

It’s been one helluva run of a few days and once again, the Universe in collaboration with the powerful energy here in the Alpujarra mountains, has brought about a shift.

The morning glow on the mountain behind us…

From crazy, strong, scary loud winds that felt like the house was going to do a ‘Wizard of Oz’ with pots crashing down in the porch and the waterproof tarpaulin over the woodpile turning into a giant sail and then the woodpile support giving way… and the Dangerous Dog sign being pulled off the outside wall… to the bliss of sharing a Live channelled healing that was so overwhelmingly powerful that I had tears rolling down my face in joy of the Divine connection… to the magic of Sir Maxelot who is thriving and loving his life again after being on the edge of ‘shall I stay or shall I go’ for most of last year and now taking you on jogging missions waaaay further up the track than normal… to the hard graft of shifting another €20 worth of wood from wheelbarrow to car boot to down the steps into the porch and into the woodpile, no longer covered with the tarpaulin and then into the house… to the generous, kind friend who cooked a veggie hotpot and told me to come over for lunch and 2 hours passed before we knew it… to the irony of sharing a Facebook live healing and oracle card reading outside, with 2 cards flying away on the wind, that turned out to be Divine Signs and Transformation, which highlighted that being in trust and following the synchronicities and signs is how situations and your life can transform for the better… to the anxiety hit of losing a much loved, long term client… to the high of a wonderful new client appearing from nowhere…  heart opening morning walks with Sir Maxelot overlooking the reservoir… to the buzz of a great tech run through for the Peace of Heart online channelling event I’m co-hosting with world famous channels Laarkmaa… to the miracle of a white feather appearing from nowhere onto my laptop… to mastering the art of fire starting and the room being satisfyingly roasty toasty… to the low of the solar power system once again tripping, after I’d donned PJs and got into bed, and then having to grab headlamp, socks, boots, jacket and find keys to get into the outdoor solar power room… and again… lights on… lights off… hold your breath… and damn, the internet has gone down again too… to the wonderful surprise that the plumber turned up a day early and refitted the water deposit’s new smaller pump (to stop the power surges that have been tripping the solar power system)… and did all the work while I was out… left the old pump in the wood bin on our terrace… and then met him on the track and had the conversation in Spanish that I understood… and to us miraculously having crossed paths where there was space for 2 cars to juuuuuuuuust squeeze past each other, thankfully nowhere near the death drop… from the lows of bursting into tears on seeing a friend because you’ve had enough of being on your own and Sir Maxelot had caught his dew claw and it was bleeding but he wouldn’t let you near it…  gathering yourself together to go back out into the world… and then bursting into tears  10 minutes later when you see another friend for same said reasons… to the gratitude of both friends checking up on you later in the day… to the relief of release as you sit down and  do nothing but listen to some soothing mantra music out on the terrace in the afternoon sun… to the low of secretly crying your way through a yoga class, because yoga is energy healing, powerful and sacred and the full moonitis and eclipse madness was coursing through your whole being… to the secret naughty joy of finding a new delicious chocolate cake… to the shock of getting your first parking ticket in your favourite parking spot and disbelief that none of the other cars had one… to the fun of a friend coming to your home for the first time, getting completely lost and laughing as you drive up and down the same track expecting to see something different… to the fun of a new Spanish class where all levels of non Spanish are welcomed, encouraged and laughed through… especially when phones unexpectedly go off with desperate unsuccessful attempts to turn it off amidst ‘por’ and ‘para’ grammar explanations while accompanied by “Hello… hello… are you there?” from within the phone case…. you would have thought we were naughty school kids rather than the over ‘nifty at fifty’ club… to the love of the goat herd passing by with the romance of their sounding bells and waving to the friendly goat herder… to the energy cleansing and clearing of washing, cleaning and tidying the hoose… to the acceptance, that all is perfect in every given moment… and that life is for living from the heart and for embracing every single moment that it brings… for all we have is the now… and I choose my now to be lived through Love and to let go of the fear and the struggle.  We cannot fight against what is.  It’s through our surrender and releasing the illusion of control, that we innately align with the power of the Universal Flow… and magic happens.

And the magic has happened… My Gorgeous Man is coming home…💜

Hasta Luego my lovely friends… 


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When a Windy Day brings her Gifts…

Lenticular Cloud...

Today in the Alpujarras…

It is windy. Very windy. Very Very Windy. Not long after we moved in to our miracle home, we learnt that said miracle home stands in one of Mother Nature’s natural wind tunnels. I guess the fact there is a series of wind turbines further down the valley didn’t really click, until the wind got up. We did comment though that a nice breeze in the stifling summers would be lovely. But the wind is now so ‘up’ that I’m feeling like I’m sitting in the house in the film The Wizard of Oz, and wondering if me and Sir Maxelot, our beloved rescue greyhound, will be swept up and dropped somewhere further up into the Sierra Lujar.

One thing that I love though about this winter weather, is its wildness. I can’t help but love the freedom of the wind… the power of the wind and the cleansing and clearing that it brings energetically to my mind, body and soul.

Lenticular clouds
Yup… no filter and no special effects!

I’m also fascinated by the special lenticular clouds that form in this area of Spain. I had never seen clouds like them before… and my first reaction was… they look like space ships! They are smooth, oval shaped and unlike ‘normal’ clouds… they don’t move. They do however change shape and can often look as if they are tiered. Apparently it’s all to do with the wind moving over the shape of the mountains… cooling and the condensation then forming the clouds. But while they started to form this evening, and gave me a couple of spectacularly dramatic photos, the wind is now so ferocious that they have disappeared. Local knowledge also says that when lenticular clouds appear, it’ll rain in 3 days. So I’ll keep you posted on that one.

The Lenticular Mothership Cloud...
The Lenticular Mothership Cloud…

This post actually marks a new beginning for Namaste This.

A whole new chapter began just before Christmas, which ironically also marked the end of our first year here in the Alpujarras. The 23rd December 2018 was the turning point when My Gorgeous Man had to return to work in the corporate world because basically, the international move, life, buying cars, buying our off-grid home that needed water and electricity brought into the ‘one large room with a bathroom on the side on the side of a mountain’… had brought us to our financial knees. So while we had packed up our life in Edinburgh, put most of it into unsuspecting parent’s attics and followed our hearts to drive THE drive into a whole new life in Southern Spain, not really knowing how it would work out… we absolutely manifested miracles along the way, but we’ve also been surfing and facing and overcoming the challenges of ‘this’ reality.

Many of you will have read the stories, dramas, highs and lows that I’ve shared here on Namaste Thisfor the last 18 months … and from now on I’m sharing these blogs directly to Namaste This on the Steemit Platform too… and posting even more escapades on my Namaste This Blog Facebook page. So forgive me if I repeat myself, but I’m bringing everything into alignment for the real writing to begin. And that includes THE book.

This is us...
This is us…

So welcome to my new aligned beginnings. And welcome to the world of Namaste This… where following your heart is the name of the game, but keeping it real means no fluff is attached. In my line of work as an incorporating channel and healer in the world of all things spiritual… it’s a slippery tightrope to balance your way along… but luckily, I have an inappropriately dark sense of humour and super strong glue on my shoes… which is ultra important when you can’t get the fire to light… you’re missing Strictly Come Dancing… your windswept hair gets totally tangled and trapped in the low olive tree branches that your dog insists on pulling you under, your internet allowance runs out at just the perfectly wrong moment, the solar power system trips and everything goes black… and you still can’t get over how much you enjoyed wild feral pees when you lived without water for 7 weeks.

Yup… off-grid life is not for the faint hearted. It’s for bravehearts. Or city slickers with rose tinted glasses that didn’t know what they were in for. All boxes well and truly ticked… and that t-shirt is already threadbare.

Hasta Luego my lovely friends… I have homework to do tonight… my Spanish class tomorrow is apparently going to be talking about all things Feminism… so I need to get my vocabulary ready when I step up on the Divine Feminine soap box. Wish my teacher luck…


Come and find me on Steemit!
Come and find me on Steemit!