Saying YES to the Alpujarras – and NO to Pylons…

Yesterday in the Alpujarras… it was a whirlwind of activity… gorgeous clear blue skies… and a very unexpected conversation from the other side of the world!

Some of you may not know about the situation we are facing here in the Alpujarras. It’s come to light that the Spanish electricity company REE has for years, been planning a highway of high voltage cables and pylons to go through Spain and on into France… and that means coming right through our area of the Alpujarras… with the very short version being that an 80m high pylon is proposed to be built only 250m away from our house, just at the end of our track. I’ve livestreamed about it on my personal Facebook page, and that video now has over 2.4k viewings… I’m posting about it… sharing it where I can to raise awareness and support… and it’s admittedly all been very worrying and very real…


I’m not going to let it consume me or pull me out of the absolute magic of the moment and the fact that me and My Gorgeous Man are still living in the magical, miracle home that we manifested… and that we absolutely LOVE it here!

So yesterday morning I was pottering around online when I received a surprise call from the inspirational souls that are Glynne Rae and Nicky Hamid in New Zealand, global leaders in living through love and humanity’s conscious awakening.  They were supporting my livestream call for help… planting the seed of an idea and giving me a loving kick up the butt. They pushed me into action!

The full details on this will be shared very shortly, as it’s all come together in a wonderfully fast flow… and it involves a gathering of hearts, in person and online, to open our hearts, raise our vibration to focus on the highest outcome and the protection of this area while immersing in the powerful galactic energy of the Universe and the Star Beings that work through me. Through the power of love we will to shift the vibration of this situation and release the fear, release the low vibes and release all possibility of it ever happening… and anchor more light and love into the Alpujarras and our beautiful world through all the souls that join us.

I was initially terrified at the thought of stepping up and leading the way… but now I’m excited, inspired and all fired up!

Just as I was finishing talking to Glynne and Nicky… in stomps My Gorgeous Man from outside, trailing in the dirt and yet another basket of wood for the fire… after having picked up our ‘builder and all round miracle worker, translater, fixer, acequia manager, tree doctor friend’, Angel Aaron from the end of the track… who’d come armed with chainsaw, fuel, giant secateurs and a great big happy smile.

Yup… the boys’ reunion was well underway and the beer was chilling in the fridge. Yesterday was the day for pruning back the olive and citrus trees so that we can bring them back to health and abundant production. We have around 90 olive trees on our land and when they are back in shape, we will be able to make our own olive oil and enjoy a seasonal income from them. But after over 5 years of abandonment while this house stood empty, some of the trees had fallen into bad shape… and as much as I find pruning very difficult to witness, I knew it was needed. Angel Aaron was under strict instructions and he assured me that he would be pruning them back with love, compassion and awareness. And I trusted him.

It didn’t sound like it though once the chainsaw was up and running… reverberating around our magical dingly-dell and it rang out on what felt like every single one of my nerve endings.

I breathed my way through it for a while and then decided to leave the men to it… and headed into Lanjarón to pick up some lunch for the workers… except by the time I’d got there, I got a call asking if the hardware store was open… because the chain on the chainsaw had broken and could I come back as quick as possible so that no time was lost.

So I ran round the supermarket… unknowingly at that point, forgetting Sir Maxelot’s chicken… and raced home as much as Jimmy our Kangoo would let me… especially along the 2.5km track where second gear feels too fast and you’re being thrown around the bumps, dips, stones, holes and holding your breath going past the death drop.

After dumping the shopping, poking the fire into action again, giving Sir Maxelot yet another ‘we’re just going out for a while biscuit’.. not unpacking the shopping and boosting the fire that really didn’t want to get going… again… we all jumped back into Jimmy and headed, this time, into Órgiva, where it had been decided that the chainsaw would be more easily repaired on the spot.

Amazingly there was a very rare parking space right on the corner of the hardware Hursquvarna store, so MGM swerved across the road straight into it and stopped right in front of the great big mowers that were out on show on the road. The chainsaw was dropped off and we all dove into the bar next door and hauled our asses up onto the stools… pre-lunch beer was ordered for the boys and a coffee with an exceptionally overly sweet piece of chocolate naughtiness was ordered for this girl.

Beer, coffee, sweet and savoury... pure naughtiness...
Beer, coffee, sweet and savoury… pure naughtiness…

It was an hour of banter, laughter, camaraderie, friendship, positivity and it highlighted again, how much we love it here and how we’ve really found ‘family’. Mid coffees, I realised I’d forgotten Sir Maxelot’s chicken, so headed down to the supermarket further along the road… picked up the awfulness of a bottle of Coke for the boys and once back in the bar on my stool with the remnants of my tepid coffee being enjoyed, I realised that I’d forgotten Sir Maxelot’s chicken… again. Brain like a sieve at the moment… it’s called the menopause.

In that little time that I’d been down at the supermarket, My Gorgeous Man had been introduced to the infamous Bar Cañada’s tapas of fried potatoes covered in ‘alioli’… creamy garlic buttery sauce… with added spicy ketchup… MGM and Angel Aaron were grinning from ear to ear. It was rather delicious… and rather garlicy. I think we’ll be going back for more. Soon.

Back in the car… chainsaw fixed with new sharp chain bit and off we headed home. Only 6km along the smooth main road… marvelling at the views of Sierra Lujar… and affirming that the pylons simply won’t be coming here… we headed back along the track which for the fourth time in one morning for me, felt interminably bumpy, rocky, crazy, dear God hold onto your hat and anything you can actually hold onto, before safely making it back to our heart’s kingdom on the side of the hill.

MGM & Angel Aaron…

The boys carried on giving the trees their new energy infused haircuts… moving down onto the lower terrace where the mandarin and lemon trees are… MGM dug a channel so the water from our main acequia can reach the lower terrace… and I surprised myself at how much I liked the newly pruned looks. Angel Aaron was right… he had removed the dead branches and very young sprouts… and created super strong, clear space for the branches to stretch out and thrive. The trees actually felt relieved. Phew. And YAY!

Then all of a sudden there was a disturbing klinking clanking noise and some profound swearing. The chain had broken again. It seemed the Universe had most definitely called time on pruning.

The boys reluctantly packed up… refused my offer of homemade sandwiches and a wee refreshing can of ‘Alhambra cerveja’ on the terrace… and scooted very quickly off to their favourite haunt, Top Camping, for their favourite non veggie stew.

Returning inside, it was just me and Sir Maxelot… who was still very asleep… and the wood burning stove… which was still on a very stubborn ‘I’m not burning’ streak.

Sir Maxelot... just chillin'...
Sir Maxelot… just chillin’…

So I took advantage of the peace and quiet outside, without the chainsaw as background music… and shared another positive, upbeat livestream, rallying troops into positive high vibe presence to bring about change… no more fear around Pylons!

We can do this!

Then I picked up my laptop and started to write… and here I am still writing!

Tonight, I’m feeling so very blessed… there is positivity in the air… MGM came back and got the fire roaring (annoyingly wonderfully easily)… and we are feeling supported, held and protected by the Universe.

Everything is going to be A-OK. And so it is .

And if you’d like to lend your support and help us save our homes and this amazing area of Spain… please sign the petition to help stop the REE electricity highway coming through the Alpujarras…

THANK YOU … and Hasta Luego 😎


PS…. We have wild spring onions!!!

Wild Spring Onions!
Wild Spring Onions!

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