Divine Signs, Tears and a Parking Ticket…

Recently in the Alpujarras…

And breathe.

It’s been one helluva run of a few days and once again, the Universe in collaboration with the powerful energy here in the Alpujarra mountains, has brought about a shift.

The morning glow on the mountain behind us…

From crazy, strong, scary loud winds that felt like the house was going to do a ‘Wizard of Oz’ with pots crashing down in the porch and the waterproof tarpaulin over the woodpile turning into a giant sail and then the woodpile support giving way… and the Dangerous Dog sign being pulled off the outside wall… to the bliss of sharing a Live channelled healing that was so overwhelmingly powerful that I had tears rolling down my face in joy of the Divine connection… to the magic of Sir Maxelot who is thriving and loving his life again after being on the edge of ‘shall I stay or shall I go’ for most of last year and now taking you on jogging missions waaaay further up the track than normal… to the hard graft of shifting another €20 worth of wood from wheelbarrow to car boot to down the steps into the porch and into the woodpile, no longer covered with the tarpaulin and then into the house… to the generous, kind friend who cooked a veggie hotpot and told me to come over for lunch and 2 hours passed before we knew it… to the irony of sharing a Facebook live healing and oracle card reading outside, with 2 cards flying away on the wind, that turned out to be Divine Signs and Transformation, which highlighted that being in trust and following the synchronicities and signs is how situations and your life can transform for the better… to the anxiety hit of losing a much loved, long term client… to the high of a wonderful new client appearing from nowhere…  heart opening morning walks with Sir Maxelot overlooking the reservoir… to the buzz of a great tech run through for the Peace of Heart online channelling event I’m co-hosting with world famous channels Laarkmaa… to the miracle of a white feather appearing from nowhere onto my laptop… to mastering the art of fire starting and the room being satisfyingly roasty toasty… to the low of the solar power system once again tripping, after I’d donned PJs and got into bed, and then having to grab headlamp, socks, boots, jacket and find keys to get into the outdoor solar power room… and again… lights on… lights off… hold your breath… and damn, the internet has gone down again too… to the wonderful surprise that the plumber turned up a day early and refitted the water deposit’s new smaller pump (to stop the power surges that have been tripping the solar power system)… and did all the work while I was out… left the old pump in the wood bin on our terrace… and then met him on the track and had the conversation in Spanish that I understood… and to us miraculously having crossed paths where there was space for 2 cars to juuuuuuuuust squeeze past each other, thankfully nowhere near the death drop… from the lows of bursting into tears on seeing a friend because you’ve had enough of being on your own and Sir Maxelot had caught his dew claw and it was bleeding but he wouldn’t let you near it…  gathering yourself together to go back out into the world… and then bursting into tears  10 minutes later when you see another friend for same said reasons… to the gratitude of both friends checking up on you later in the day… to the relief of release as you sit down and  do nothing but listen to some soothing mantra music out on the terrace in the afternoon sun… to the low of secretly crying your way through a yoga class, because yoga is energy healing, powerful and sacred and the full moonitis and eclipse madness was coursing through your whole being… to the secret naughty joy of finding a new delicious chocolate cake… to the shock of getting your first parking ticket in your favourite parking spot and disbelief that none of the other cars had one… to the fun of a friend coming to your home for the first time, getting completely lost and laughing as you drive up and down the same track expecting to see something different… to the fun of a new Spanish class where all levels of non Spanish are welcomed, encouraged and laughed through… especially when phones unexpectedly go off with desperate unsuccessful attempts to turn it off amidst ‘por’ and ‘para’ grammar explanations while accompanied by “Hello… hello… are you there?” from within the phone case…. you would have thought we were naughty school kids rather than the over ‘nifty at fifty’ club… to the love of the goat herd passing by with the romance of their sounding bells and waving to the friendly goat herder… to the energy cleansing and clearing of washing, cleaning and tidying the hoose… to the acceptance, that all is perfect in every given moment… and that life is for living from the heart and for embracing every single moment that it brings… for all we have is the now… and I choose my now to be lived through Love and to let go of the fear and the struggle.  We cannot fight against what is.  It’s through our surrender and releasing the illusion of control, that we innately align with the power of the Universal Flow… and magic happens.

And the magic has happened… My Gorgeous Man is coming home…💜

Hasta Luego my lovely friends… 


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