Don’t you Dare get out of your Box…

So when is enough, no longer enough? 

When do you no longer put up with a mediocre life as ‘all there is’ to look forward to?  And when does ‘just treading water’ start to actually feel like you’re going under?

Well, you’ll just know.  There will be a horrible, silent scream from inside that says “Get me outta here!” Just like our beloved and desperate Z-list celebrities down in the Ozzie jungle. There’ll be that point of no return and you’ll just know that you caaaaannooot stomach another witchetty grub or kangaroo’s testicle.

This internal call will then filter up to your head and set off a whole shit storm of other alarm bells, flashing lights and sirens as your conditioning, ego, guilt and fear all have a hay-day to try and stop you from clambering out of your box.   And it will certainly trigger a whole load of ‘stuff’ within those around you too.

So, when you reach that point of knowing that enough is enough and you’re hanging off the cliff edge of drastic life change, you really do need to be ready to pull on your bestest and strongest, ironclad Big Girl Goddess Pants… right on up to your armpits.

Our moment was actually back in March this year. 

We reached our point of no return when the increasing “F*ck this shit” mutterings could no longer be ignored.  So we decided to go for it. 

We weren’t going to wait for that perfect moment!  No!

We’re weren’t going to wait on those elusive winning lottery numbers!  No!

We acted on our intuitive knowing and that amazing feeling inside  of YES! YES! YES! 

Damn we felt great! 



A bit scared.. yes…but … we felt SO ALIVE!

There was a whole new life waiting for us!  We were leaving the grey skies of Scotland and going to live in the stunning Alpujarras in Spain!  Viva Espagna!   

So, when we eventually came down off our cloud  and the reality sank in that we actually were going to do it, this meant that we then had to broach the subject with our nearest and dearest. 

And that didn’t go so well.  Nope.  That didn’t go well… at all. 

It felt like a ‘mahoosive’ water bomb was dropped from on high and our fiery spark of excitement and positivity was quashed into a damp squib of despondency and fear.  We allowed ourselves to be pulled under and drowned.  I was sick to my stomach and I was terrified that our dream was over.

The move was off.

But this is the reality of what happens when you dare to be different.  When you dare to follow your dreams… and you dare to live a life that doesn’t conform to everyone’s expectations of you.

Following your dream takes balls as the world rallies against you…  you’re offered well meant, but fear-based, advice on the ‘what if’s’ and ‘hows’…. and let’s not even mention the ‘but what about me’ card.  You’re labelled as either selfish, reckless or just downright irresponsible… or … and here’s the funny part… you suddenly become the best friend because you’re moving to a country where seeing the sun is no longer a miracle to be posted on Facebook.

Modern day culture in the Western world has squashed the life out of us.  It may have given us the gift of technology and wonderful material comforts, but it has completely and utterly deadened our hearts and souls.  We live in a society that mollycoddles, controls, limits, separates and disempowers.  We are so numb, dumbed down and disconnected, that we don’t even realize how unhappy, stressed and fearful we actually are.

Quite simply, the tragedy of mankind has become its normality.

But me and my gorgeous man (MGM) really had, had enough.

We have since rallied against the naysayers… stood our ground and taken our lives back.

The move is back on track… well almost.  But more of that next week.

In the meantime, I’m off to buy some super strong Spanx.  Even a Goddess needs a little bit of extra supernatural support.





BRITISH – informal
  1. exceptionally big; huge.
    “you don’t need a mahoosive bag for a night out”

8 Replies to “Don’t you Dare get out of your Box…”

  1. Love it !!!
    Isn’t it awful when “Loved” ones inadvertently put the negative slant on EVERYTHING we do !! They just don’t understand we are not them , we have dreams and desires out with their code of ” normality” .. I had this conversation the other day with a friend about the generation before us who when asked about how they coped with the mundane and “putting up with shit” aspects of life , the reply came .. ” but that’s just life ! You just have to put up with it ” ….. Do we ?????
    You go for your dream and make it happen !!
    Oh and find a decent cake shop please before November 😂🍰👍

    1. It’s really tough when we feel we’re hurting those we love by following our dreams! I feel for the generations that weren’t free to live their lives as they wished… but the world is changing now… and waking up. It’s time to live from our hearts and break the chains of conformity… and eat lots of delicious cake! 🙂 xx

  2. I know how it is to want to go away, and have to get the family to understand, I had a dreadful time when we went to St Lucia, I was told all sort of thing, mainly from my causion, that you know him!!
    Well good luck, I’ve been in Spain for two years, found it lonely, with out my family, so I’m thinking of going back, I’ll be better off in all ways, with out the heat, at 44 dig, it’s to hot, and to cold in winter, sorry to say, may be it will be better for you, but the blue skies are lovely, god bless judy

    1. I love that you’ve taken the chance to live in different countries too! We are very excited for our move… and being in the Alpujarras brings hot summers, cool winters and gorgeous mountain breezes… can’t wait! Lots of love to you Judy xx

  3. Oh wowwww Sally…. you’ve relocated so many times since I’ve known you. That sure takes a lot of courage. Hope your move goes very smoothly, and that you and your man are very happy in your new surroundings!

    1. Edna! I’ll settle when we find the right place! It’s all about the feel of the land and the quality of life from now on! I know you understand that with your life in Brazil! Thank you for your lovely wishes… and here’s to new chapters all round! Mil Beijos xx

  4. Good for you Sally! You are certainly a mover and a shaker! You walk your talk, there is no more “time” to mess about in our lives…

    Family will never understand the soul’s calling, you are on a different path and following your hearts desire, that takes courage and knowing what is right for you on your journey! It helps to have a soul companion aka your gorgeous man along to embrace all the changes…I look forward to hearing how life unfolds for you following the auspicious solar eclipse next week, we live in exciting times…..

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